Get more from your running

What is #RunMore?

#RunMore is a free, weekly running session for beginners and intermediate runners. It’s about enjoying a run with people of a similar ability, in small friendly groups. With run leaders from Thames Valley Harriers to give guidance and support. Every Sunday morning at Wormwood Scrubs. Meet us outside the main gates of the stadium.

Why should I join?

You might be starting on your journey from Couch to 5K. Or maybe you want to take your running further. Or a little faster.

We’re a team of enthusiastic run leaders from Thames Valley Harriers. And we’re here  to help you along your way.

Get more from your running by joining other friendly runners. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who is #RunMore for?

#RunMore is for beginners and intermediate runners who want to get more from their running.

When is it?

Every Sunday at 10.30 am.

Where is it?

Wormwood Scrubs. Meet us outside the main gates at Linford Christie Stadium.

How much does it cost?

It’s free!

What about Covid-19?

We run in small groups, complying with the rules set out by the Government and in line with guidance from England Athletics.

Will I be able to keep up?

We run in small, friendly groups of similar ability, so you can enjoy your Sunday morning run.

Can I bring my children?

#RunMore is for adults aged 18+ and children accompanied by a parent. Your children are very welcome to come and run along with you.

Friendly running groups for all

Sunday at 10.30 am

Wormwood Scrubs – Linford Christie Stadium outside the main gates

See you soon!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to #RunMore. Send us a message and let us know you’re coming.