Young Athletes run well at National Cross Country Champs

A very cold day with a bitter wind had TVH managing to field three scoring teams in the championships. The best result on the day came from the under 13 boys who finished 23rd team out of 56 full teams. The first Valley boy home was Alfie Turner in 112th place out of the 570 finishers. Although he has been unable to compete for most of the season this was by far his best race of the winter. Charlie Rollo also had a great run and was happy with his 130th place. Sol Inglis was also well inside the top half in 151st place. It was also pleasing to see Morris Rock having a great race with over 230 runners behind him. Well done all of you!

Roy Clarridge reports:

Our best individual position came from Kate Price in the under 13 girls race. She had been suffering with a cold but came out to give it a go. She  finished up the first Middlesex runner home,  51st in a field of 467. Charlotte Edge who will still be an under 13 next year also did well after a fall to finish 171st. Thirty seconds behind her, Sasha Mueller who is also in this race next year had a good run to finish 238th. Our forth scorer Zenia Nelson was also happy with her 252 position. We had the luxury of two extra girls in this race. Olivia Sparks in at 282 felt that she had had a better run the week before at Harrow. Maisie Hugill also had a good run as she finished  in 338th place with 130 behind her.

Abdikafi Abdi was our lone star in the under 15 biys and his 71st place was better than his 89th position in the South of England championships at Brighton. Basil Rock had a very good run to be second scorer in 340th place. With Shami in 362nd place, Nelson was 397th, a good run by him. With Baqar Abamecha doing well to come home in 411th place out of the 504.

Our  three runners in the under 15 girls packed well in mid-field. Melina Duer came out best by being in 242nd place, 17 in front of Niamh Murphy who finished 259th. With lots of girls behind her, Olivia Colegrave ran well to finish 291st out of 463 finishers.

Our lone runner in the under 17 women’s race was Arianna Alonso-Bizzi and she did well to finish 224th.

National CC Championships, Parliament Hill, Feb 24, 2018 Results:

Under 13 Boys 3000m. Team 23/56.
112 A Turner 13:02; 130 C Rollo 13:06; 151 S Inglis 13:14; 332 M Rock 14:12.

Under 13 Girls 3000m. Team 27/51.
51 K Price 13:34; 171 C Edge 14:31; 238 S Mueller 15:01; 252 Z Gordon 15:07; 282 O Sparks 15:22; 338 M Hugill 15:48.

Under 15 Boys 4500m. Team 43/51.
71 A Abdi 16:56; 340 B Rock 19:10; 362 S Umashankar 19:22; 397 N Gordon 19:46; 411 B Abamecha 20:00.

Under 15 Girls 4000m.
242 M Duer 17:41; 259 N Murphy 17:50; 291 O Colegrave 18:05.

Under 17 Women 5000m.
224 A Alonso-Bizzi 24;21.