Marshals  and caterers needed for upcoming XC fixtures. Officiating course taking place soon to train new track judges, timekeepers and field judges. Keep reading for more information on how to get involved.

  1. Upcoming XC Events: Marshals & Caterers needed

TVH is hosting the following two events on the scrubs:

Sat 7th February, Active Training World Met League

1.00pm 1500m Under 11 Boys and Girls (9+ years of a

1.15pm 3,000m U13 Boys

1.17pm 3,000m U13 Girls

Not before 1.35pm 4,000m U17 Men/U15 Boys

Not before 1.37pm 4,000m U17 Women/U15 Girls

Not before 1.55pm 6,000m Senior/Veteran/U20 Women

Not before 2.35pm 8,000m Senior/Veteran/U20 Men

Saturday 28th March, North West London Young Athletes League

1.00 pm: U11 Girls, 1200m

1.10 p.m: U13 Girls, U11 Boys, 2000m

1.30 p.m: U15 Girls, U13 Boys, 3000m

1.50 p.m: U17 Women, U15 Boys, 4000m,

2.15pm: U17 Men, 4700m

For each event we need at least 12 marshals to ensure safety.

We are also are in need of volunteers to serve hot drinks and snacks from the bar-huge money earner for the club. Banter guaranteed. Also if you enjoy baking, TVH would be delighted for you to bake cake for us to sell and we will of course reimburse you.

Contact: maire.gorman7@gmail.com

2. Upcoming Officiating course at Willesden

See https://www.thamesvalleyharriers.com/us/volunteering/

Every league meeting (YDL, SAL, BAL, UKWAL) as well as open-graded meetings we are required to bring volunteers to help officiate matches (points are scored for bringing volunteers). We are desperately short and heavily reliant on  small group of club stalwarts. The benefits of becoming an official include opportunities to travel with the BAL  and UKWAL throughout UK for weekend stays and witness top-quality athleticsVolunteers at TVH have also gone on to work at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games as a result of helping out at club.

The course will be held on Saturday 14th February at City Academy in Willesden,

If you are interested email :maire.gorman7@gmail.com