TVH Young Athletes compete at the last Met League of the year

A new course for the Met League at Hillingdon was well received by the runners.

Roy Clarridge reports:

Even the hill up the old ski slope gave it another dimension. It was also very muddy in parts of the lower course. With no under 11 boys or girls representing the club it was left until the under 13’s girls race for the Valley colours to appear. The lone runner leading the race was, of course, Charlotte Buckley who won the race with ease by 28 seconds. Unfortunately Ava White had been admitted to hospital with an abscess on her appendix and may have to have an op. Freja Scaap was also not well. But Charlotte Cooney-Quinn and Zakia Mossi came to the rescue and made up the scoring team. Charlie finally got the better of Zakia and they finished 21st and 22nd. This gave them a respectful fourth team place out of 13.

The under 15 girls team was also depleted mainly due to the holiday but also to India Weir having to rest her ankle. Once again we had a full scoring team who gallantly finished fourth and leaving the team still top of the table in the overall team position. Verity Walker was our first home in fifth place and was second under 15 in the race. This was very satisfying after her struggle to get round for the County the previous week. Also having a good race, Rose Barkle finished 13th and was the seventh under 15. Just inside the top half of the race, Rosie Vallance struggled with her lack of fitness but her strength brought her in 22nd.

Best performance for TVH came from Karim Mahiddine in the under 15/17 boys race. His third position was easily his best run of the season and he moved through the field of 62 to only be six seconds behind second place. Further down the field, Max Buckley just held off Jake Hooley when they finished 32nd and 34th. Even though he ‘doesn’t do hills’ Nicholas Duer did well to finish 47th in front of James Horrex and Oliver Weintraub.



Under 13 Girls.Team 4th.

1 C Buckley 12:52; 21 C Cooney-Quinn 16:10; 22 Z Mossi 16:23.

Under 15/17 Girls. Team 3rd.

5 V Walker 16:59; 13 R Barkle 17:59; 22 R Vallance 18:34.

Under 15/17 Boys. Team 6th.

3 K Mahiddine 14:06; 32 M Buckley 16:05; 34 J Hooley 16:13; 42 N Duer 17:05; 50 J Horrex 17:15; 52 O Weintraub 17:25