TVH medal harvest in Middlesex 10k

TVH racked up highly creditable medal haul at the Middlesex 10k Championships in Victoria Park.

The senior men’s team clinched bronze, spearheaded by committed performances from Simon Prigent (13th place in 34:08) and James Ellis (16th place in 34:31).

Simon Prigent 1st TVH scorer
Simon Prigent 1st TVH scorer

Simon, making his TVH debut, ran a controlled race throughout and finished impressively, enjoying the full benefit of his current marathon training.

James went out hard and battled with the leaders for much of the race before the effect of his recent injury took hold in the latter stages.

Andrew Mitchell V40 silver medallist
Andrew Mitchell V40 silver medallist

Andrew Mitchell rounded out the three scorers, clocking 35:23 for 28th place in his first race back from injury and winning a V40 Middlesex silver medal.

The results secured third place for TVH in the senior’s team standing, just a couple of places behind Serpentine, in turn a couple of places behind winners Heathside.

Great run from Dave Ford
Strong run from David Ford 45:15

The V50 team scooped deserved silver Middlesex medals, courtesy of a strong set of performances from Richard Hooley in 40:33 (5th V50 Middlesex), David Ford, 45:19 (10th V50 Middlesex) and Nick Michael, 52:51 (19th V50 and 7th V60 Middlesex)

While the gusty conditions kept most competitors a few seconds below their best times, there were good PBs from Jake Hooley (36:44, 23th place / 2nd  U18 Middlesex man) and Paul Woodgate, dipping just under 39 minutes in 44th place.

Paul’s run leaves him as hot favourite to clinch the TVH Endurance Cup with just one race left, the Southern Road Relays on September 25.

Manuel Caiero (37:06) ran with great promise and Scott Brewer (41:20) stuck at it well even though the distance was some way beyond his preferred middle distance.

Andrea Broughton led the ladies home in 51:56 for 62nd place, while Christine Munden selflessly supported her friend Rose who has only just taken up running, encouraging her round the course in a time of 69 minutes.

Middlesex 10k Race Results, Victoria Park, 04-09-16

13.    Simon Prigent,  34:08,  4th senior Middlesex man, TVH debut
16.    James Ellis,  34:31,  7th senior Middlesex man
28.    Andrew Mitchell,  35:23,  16th senior / 2nd V40 Middlesex man
46.    Jake Hooley, 36:44,  23rd senior / 2nd U18 Middlesex man,  pb time
50.    Manuel Caeiro,  37:06,  non-scorer
93.    Paul Woodgate,  38:59,  44th senior / 14th V40 Middlesex man,  pb time
116. Richard Hooley,  40:33, 58th senior / 25th V40 / 5th V50 Middlesex man
127. Scott Brewer,  41:20,  64th senior Middlesex man
191. David Ford,  45:19,  77th senior / 36th V40/ 10th V50 Middlesex man
255. Andrea Broughton,  51:56,  62nd overall woman
260. Nick Michael,  52:51,  88th senior/ 45th V40/ 19th V50/ 7th V60 Middlesex man
286. Christine Munden,  1:09:00,  82nd overall women,  38th senior/ 18th F40 Middlesex woman

Senior Men Team Results :

1. London Heathside,  23
2. Serpentine,  25
3. TVH,  27
4. Victoria Park,  54
5. Hillingdon,  128
6. Ealing Eagles,  171
7. Barnet,  239

V50 Men Team Results :

1. London Heathside,  6.
2. TVH,  34
3. Hillingdon,  42
4. Barnet,  42