TVH athletes win 60 medals at county Championships

Manuel Da Silva reports: 

Thames Valley Harriers athletes win a fantastic 60 medal at their country championships: 31 Gold, 16 Silver and 13 Bronze. There were many outstanding performances including three Club Records and many more life time best times & distances from TVH athletes in both the heats and finals. Shannon Connolly, just missed out on a championship best performance at the Essex Championship but still claimed gold and a new club record in the senior women’s pole vault with a 3.60m vault. India Weir set another club record, this time in the U17 girls 1500m with 4:43.96 to win gold at the Middlesex Championships.  Jozae Grant moved up to 4th in the UK rankings with her new 300m U17 girls club record (40.05) and went on also to win the 200m to become double Middlesex Champion. Other multiple Middlesex Champions included: Kaya Lohan (U13 girls 100m and 200m), Laurensa Britane (javelin, discus and shot), Lia Stephenson (U20 women long and triple jump) and Tayla Brade (U20 women 100m and 200m).

TVH’s medallists were (at the Middlesex Championships unless otherwise stated):

Isabelle Stanway, Silver, senior women 100m (Surrey), 12.16

Tayla Brade, Gold, U20 women 100m, 12.17

Erika Yeboah, Silver, U15 girls 100m, 12.41 PB

Hannah Hall, Bronze, U15 girls 100m, 12.46 PB

Kaya Lohan, Gold, U13 girls 100m, 13.37

Aurora Corazza, Silver, U13 girls 100m, 13.94

Kamal Mitchell, Bronze, U20 men 100m, 11.16

Jermaine Wilson, Bronze U13 boys 100m, 14.56 PB

Tayla Brade, Gold, U20 women 200m, 25.49 PB

Leroy Cain, Bronze, senior men 200m, 21.55 PB

Jozae Grant, Gold, U17 women 200m, 25.76 PB

Kaya Lohan, Gold, U13 girls 200m, 27.6 PB

Charlotte Farmer, Bronze, U13 girls 200m, 32.5 PB

Emmanuel Dadzie, Silver, U17 men 200m, 23.03 PB

Daniel John, Bronze, U17 men 200m, 23.06 PB

Jermaine Wilson, Bronze U13 boys 200m, 30.38 PB

Jozae Grant, Gold, U17 women 300m, 40.05 PB and New Club Record

Michaela Mayor (HCA), Gold, senior women 800m, 2:13.97

India Weir, Silver, U17 women 800m, 2:16.39 PB

Iona Pernthaller, Bronze U15 girls 800m, 2:28.30 PB

India Weir, Gold, U17 women 1500m, 4:43.96 PB and New Club Record

Verity Walker, Bronze, U17 women 1500m, 4:56.41 PB

Ava White, Silver, U13 girls 1500m, 5:12.11 PB

Lucillo Burrell, Silver, U17 men 1500m, 4:16.90 PB

Kosana Weir, Gold, U17 women 3000m, 10:10.52 PB

Charlotte Cooney-Quinn, Bronze U13 girls 70m hurdles, 16.33

Ella Widdop-Gray, Gold, U20 women high jump, 1.68m

Toni Ademuwagun, Gold, U17 men high jump, 1.79m

Tiger Brewer, Gold, U15 boys high jump, 1.65m

Shannon Connolly, Gold, senior women pole vault (Essex), 3.60m PB and New Club Record

Lia Stephenson, Gold, U20 women long jump, 5.33m

Aurora Corazza, Gold, U13 girls long jump, 4.47m PB

Lacy Johnson, Silver, U13 girls long jump, 3.79 PB

Ogo Anochironye, Gold, senior men long jump, 6.91m

Odell Okwuosa, Gold, U20 men long jump, 5.74m

Jermaine Wilson, Silver U13 boys long jump, 4.56 PB

Angela Barrett, Gold, senior women triple jump, 12.56m

Lia Stephenson, Gold, U20 women triple jump, 12.45m

Marissa John, Silver, U20 women triple jump, 10.57m PB

Odell Okwuosa, Silver, U20 men triple jump, 12.54m

Danielle Opara, Gold, senior women shot putt (Berkshire), 13.34m

Laurensa Britane, Gold, senior women shot putt, 10.42m

Carla Letheby (HCA), Silver, senior women shot putt (Surrey), 10.59m

Jamie Potton-Burrell (HCA), Gold, U20 men shot putt, (Bedfordshire), 12.81

Jahreem Charles, Gold, U15 boys shot putt, 9.68m

Harvey Kitchen, Bronze U15 boys shot putt, 8.35m PB

Laurensa Britane, Gold, senior women discus, 42.26m

Carla Letheby (HCA), Bronzer, senior women discus (Surrey), 39.07m

Jamie Potton-Burrell (HCA), Gold, U20 men discus, (Bedfordshire), 36.41

Jahreem Charles, Bronze, U15 boys discus, 24.68m PB

Lucy Knott, Silver, senior women hammer, 41.25m

Carla Letheby(HCA),  Silver, senior women hammer (Surrey), 43.55m

Jamie Potton-Burrell (HCA), Gold, U20men hammer, (Bedfordshire), 55.52m

Jamal Brade-Artry, Gold, U15 boys hammer, 26.59m

Laurensa Britane, Gold, senior women javelin, 43.25m

Carla Letheby (HCA), Gold, senior women javelin (Surrey), 32.95m

Jonathan Harvey, Silver, senior men javelin (Essex), 50.90m

David Jerzykowski, Gold, U20 men javelin, 44.34m

Djuaan Seath, Silver, U20 men javelin, 39.59m

Jamie Potton-Burrell (HCA), Gold, U20men javelin, (Bedfordshire), 32.34m


  • Well spotted – David, now corrected. Well done to all you and all your athletes that are jumping so well this season.

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