Top 20 Finish for TVH Ladies at National Road Relays

National 4 Stage Road Relay 2016 TVH Ladies
National 4 Stage Road Relay 2016 TVH Ladies – Alex, Sarah, Victoria, Lucy, Kirsty, Lisa, Siana and Maire

Runners flocked to Sutton Park for the National Road relays once again!

Over the hill and around the bend, the women shone as well as the men!

At last the gun went and the girls were set off

Despite feeling ill Sarah ran 14:48 with a slight cough,

Recovered after a long time out Lucy was back on the team,

Even after injury she ran like a lean mean running machine!

Lost in the park, Kirsty finally found the start line,

Amazingly she finished so that Victoria had her time to shine,

Yelping with joy Manuel could just not contain it,

Somehow we had got top 20 and were starting to get fit!

Team spirit was high amongst Siana, Maire, Lisa and Leanne,

Vaulting across the finish line like only TVH can!

Hip hip hooray, we’ll be back next year; to do it all again before buying a beer!

With thanks to Kirsty Addy for the report.

Saturday 8th October, National 4 Stage Road Relays, Sutton Park, 4,315m

17th TVH Senior Women A Team 1:03:28

 LegTimeRace Position
1 Sarah Johnson14:487
2 Lucy Smith15:3611
3 Kirsty Addy16:1315
4 Victoria Carter16:5117

  51st TVH Senior Women B Team 1:14:40

 LegTimeRace Position
1 Siana Jones18:5171
2 Leanne Alex Lyons17:1358
3 Maire Gorman20:3761
4 Lisa da Silva (& bump)17:5951