Southern Road Relays

South of England Road Relay Championships, Crystal Palace, Sunday September 22 :

The South of England Road Relay Championships were once again held at Crystal Palace on Sunday and there were some very good performances from the Valley team.

In the senior mens 6 Stage Road Relay race the TVH A team were well up in the field of 74 teams to finish in 11th place and secure qualification to race in the National Road Relay Championships in Birmingham on Sunday October 6th.

In the veteran mens 4 Stage Road Relay race the TVH Vet40 team finished 12th out of 22 teams, while the TVH Vet50 team had a great race to finish 5th out of 20 teams having held the lead over the first 3 legs of the race.

The mens race was run over a 2 lap course which had been slightly shortened to 5.6km for this year’s race, though it still included some tight turns and a challenging hill on each lap.

Dan Mulryan had an excellent race on 1st leg to record the fastest leg for the Valley men, and his time of 16m48s brought him home in 5th place and placed him as 15th fastest overall leg of the race.

It also proved to be the fastest time in the TVH mens handicap competition to win the TVH Southern Road Relay trophy, congratulations Dan!

On the veteran mens team Andrew Mitchell ran a fantastic first leg for the Valley Vet50 mens team to record a time of 18m42s to finish in 1st place and claim the fastest overall Vet50 leg of the race.

There were a number of additions to the team, and among the 5 Valley men making their road relay debut were Ollie Barbaresi who ran a very fast leg to be the 2nd fastest Valley man of the day, James Horrex on his senior road relay debut, senior men Shane Bloomer and Lawrence Tse, and Valley veteran Johnny Moore.

On the ladies side, our A team had a top 10 finish, placing 8th overall and our B team followed this up with a 30th place finish! 

Special mention to Tracy Barlow for a super quick time bringing the ladies in contention for a top 10 finish, and also Sarah Keeball who ran very quick considering she has only been back running 1 month due to injury. Finally it was also great to have Sarah Johnson back running with the team, who has struggled with long term injury.  

Well done to all the ladies that competed, you did us proud! 

Senior Men South of England 6 Stage Road Relay Results, 22-09-19  
11 : TVH Senior Men – A Team – 1:46:00

Leg 1 : Dan Mulryan, 16:48, (5)
Leg 2 : Sage Pearce-Higgins, 18:08, (14)
Leg 3 : Conor Kissane-Wood, 17:58, (18)
Leg 4 : Ollie Barbaresi, 17:03, (12)
Leg 5 : Chris Smith, 17:44, (12)
Leg 6 : Hugo Cayssials, 18:16, (11)

Incomplete Team : TVH Senior Men – B Team – 1:54:15

Leg 1 : Robert Vallance, 20:04, (73)
Leg 2 : James Horrex, 20:10, (72)
Leg 3 : Manuel Da Silva, 25:30, (76)
Leg 4 : Lawrence Tse, 25:31, (77)
Leg 5 : Shane Bloomer, 22:59, (78)

Veteran Men South of England 4 Stage Road Relay Results, 22-09-19 :

12 : TVH V40 Men – 1:24:46

Leg 1 : Naol Abagibe, 19:37, (9)
Leg 2 : Hugo Dias, 22:18, (12)
Leg 3 : James Malcolm, 21:38, (11)
Leg 4 : Johnny Moore, 21:10, (12)

5 : TVH V50 Men – 1:22:25

Leg 1 : Andrew Mitchell, 18:42, (1)
Leg 2 : Gordon Low, 19:41, (1)
Leg 3 : Steve Norris, 21:24, (1)
Leg 4 : Richard Hooley, 22:37, (5)

Senior Ladies 

8: TVH A team 1:08:15 

Leg 1: I Franco 17:10

Leg 2: L Da Silva  17:44 

Leg 3: T Barlow 15:48 

Leg 4: C Baker 17:47 


30: TVH B team 1:14:35 

Leg 1: S Keeball 16:44 

Leg 2: S Johnson: 17:44 

Leg 3: G Hanley: 20:55

Leg 4: R Vallance 19:11 

Full results HERE