Silver medals and 5 complete Senior Ladies teams at the South of England XC relays

Congratulations to the TVH senior ladies A-team, Victoria Carter, Tracy Barlow and Sarah Johnson, who won silver medals at the relays on the scrubs on Saturday. Victoria started strong in a very competitive first leg and brought the team home in 13th position. Tracy chased down the other 2nd leg runners and, with the 2nd fastest leg of the day, came back in 3rd position. Finally, Sarah ran hard to bring the team back 2nd overall and only just shy of a gold medal.


There were 4 other complete teams also working hard to show off the extensive depth of the TVH ladies team. Despite a last minute re-shuffle of the team order we still managed to bring home 2 more teams in the top 20 and 21st and 29th.

Angel Collins had a fantastic premier race for TVH on first leg finishing 9th and handing over to Chloe Beckett, also a new member of the club. Chloe, returning from injury, ran a very quick race returning in 8th position. The pressure was on for Lauren Morris who had to run a fast leg to try and hold the teams position. She worked hard and the team finished 12th.

Leanne Lyons set her team off to a good start finishing 18th and handing over to Lara Scerri. Lara, normally a 400/800m track runner, took to the conditions well and passed over to Lisa Da Silva in 20th position. Lisa(+her bump) ran a solid and well paced race to finish the team 17th.

Jess Bass, a dedicated member of the XC team, ran a good first leg coming home 24th. Jess was followed by Siana, returning from injury, who tried hard to hold their teams position and handed to Kirstie Tew in 23rd position. Kirstie, no stranger to running on the scrubs in the Parkrun, brought the team home in 21st position.

Barbara Maddison, Charlotte Le Rougetel and Christine Munden completed our final team. Barbara and Christine are stalwarts to the TVH XC team, racing regularly and providing support for the rest of the team. Charlie is a regular Parkrun participant and often provides support in the clubhouse bar for TVH so it was great to finally have her racing in the TVH team. Barbara started the team off on first leg handing over to Charlie. Christine, after working all morning in the clubhouse, ran final leg and team finished 29th.

The ladies team warmly welcome the new members (Chloe and Angel) and the new-to-cross-country members (Lara and Charlie) and hope we’ll see more of them in the future.

Healthy baked goods with thanks to Victoria and Ave Carter. Other baked goods with thanks to the guys in the clubhouse. Photographs attached with thanks to Manuel and Casper.

Saturday 22nd October, SEAA XC Relays, Wormwood Scrubs

Tracy Barlow 11:36 (2nd fastest)
Sarah Johnson 12:00 (7th fastest)
Chloe Beckett 12:41
Angel Collins 12:44
Victoria Carter 13:02
Leanne Lyons 13:32
Lisa Da Silva 13:57
Lara Scerri 14:14
Siana Jones 14:23
Lauren Morris 14:25
Jess Bass 14:28
Barbara Maddison 16:11
Kirstie Tew 16:26
Charlotte Le Rougetel 16:39
Christine Munden 20:12

Siver medals: Sarah Johnson, Tracy Barlow and Victoria Carter
Siver medals: Sarah Johnson, Tracy Barlow and Victoria Carter