Met League Match 3 – Uxbridge

Simon Maddison reports:

There must be something about the final race of the Calendar year that brings the Men out in strength, but puts the ladies off!  Saturday’s race at Uxbridge brought once again the Valley men out in force, but a disappointing turnout for the ladies.

A cold and windy day, but clear and sunny this is a course that was last raced in the Southerns quite a few years ago. This provided a real mix of conditions with its looping rise around the meadows, then a short sharp climb up the old dry ski slope, a long loop and steady descent to a series of muddy fields at the bottom. The ladies had one short lap, without the climb, and a full loop, whereas the men did the full two laps.

In the senior women Tracy Barlow once again ran a well measured race, sitting comfortably in12th place to the last lap before putting on the pressure to finish in 8th. Joanna Mobed was extremely well up in the 20’s, but unfortunately had to drop out with sickness halfway through, leaving Siana Jones to pick up second team place at 48 closely followed by Maire Gorman also running steadily and strongly at 53 and Lauren Morris also running well to come in at 87. Veterans Barbara Maddison at 151 and Christine Munden at 154 made up the scoring team, working steadily and hard near the back of the field, but demonstrating the importance of counting for the team and Fema Scott also working very hard at 155.

Overall the Ladies team finished 8th, and maintaining 6th place overall in the league, but need to continue to work through the rest of the season to keep clear of the chasing teams. In the Veteran women consistency and hard work are showing through with all 4 veteran ladies scoring for the team in Division 3, scoring 31 to finish 4th  but staying 2nd in the league, and in a good position to gain promotion at the end of the season.

In the senior men’s race, Robert Russell making a very welcome visit down from Scotland finished in a very good 24th, followed by U20 Toby Clyde showing again his potential at 39 with Andy Fooks making a very welcome return to the league and showing excellent form at 60th. Matt Douthwaite from Imperial finished 87th followed by Vet 45 Andrew Mitchell on stunningly good form at 88. Steve Norris then followed in a very tight field at 118 with Christian Nielsen at 133, and Peter Scannell at 160, Manuel da Silva snapping at his heels just three seconds later at 161 and Greg Bennett making up the scoring team at 172.  Newcomer Ewan Ross followed at 180 with Guy  Bowles at 246 beating old rival Richard Hooley at 253, Phil Wetton making a very welcome run at 260 and Peter Hill at 287, who luckily managed to get out of his ward rounds just in time for the race, but still being pestered on his mobile just before the start. Mervyn Walker was next in at 297, taking a break from Dad duty in earlier races, Scott Brewer at 305, Jason Sewards at 328 and Tony Smith at 372 with Simon Maddison fighting hard to better penultimate place at 381.

The senior men’s team finished in an excellent 2nd place, thanks to a great turnout and excellent results, but are at 5th in the league, with a huge challenge to get promoted, so please guys lets maintain this excellent form and make it for the next two races as well!!

In the veteran men division 1, the team finished 6th, remaining at 9th in the league, but with a very achievable possibility of getting out of relegation, so to the vet men also, please let’s get some more good results in the rest of the season!!

With thanks to Barrie Saunders for his indefatigable support, and wishing you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year, and look forward to seeing you in the January races!!

Full results available below. 

24 Robert Russell* 28.31; 39 Toby Clyde 29.11; 60 Andy  Fooks 29.56; 87 Matt Douthwaite* 31.04; 88 Andrew  Mitchell 31.07; 114 Steve Norris 31.47; 133 Christian Nielsen 32.29; 160 Peter Scannell 33.06; 161 Manuel da Silva 33.09; 172 Greg Bennett 33.33; 180 Ewan Ross 33.43; 246 Guy Bowles 36.08; 253 Richard Hooley 36.21; 260 Phil Wetton 36.43; 287 Peter Hill 37.49; 297 Mervyn Walker 38.17; 305 Scott Brewer 38.50; 328 Jason Sewards 39.57; 372 Tony Smith  46.54; 381 Simon Maddison 49.59;

Senior Men Division 2:

2 TVH 1013


5 TVH 2767

Veteran Men Division 1:

6 TVH 219


9 TVH 491

Senior Women

8 Tracy Barlow 22.55; 48 Siana Jones 26.04; 53 Maire Gorman 26.21; 87 Lauren Morris 28.17; 151 Barbara Maddison 37.40; 154 Christine Munden 39.17; 155 Euphemia Scott 42.06;

Senior Women Division 1:

8 TVH 97


6 TVH 382

Veteran Women Division 3:

4 TVH 31


2 TVH 129