Men’s team secure promotion to the BAL Premier league

BAL Division 1, Match 3, Thames Valley Athletics Centre, Saturday July 6 : ​

In the week leading up to the match the TVH men’s team suffered a number of injuries and went into the match below full strength, but on the day the Valley team spirit once again brought out some great performances to win the match.
This is even more impressive as it follows on from 2 wins in the first 2 matches this season, which puts TVH at the top of BAL Division 1 on maximum points, and with just 1 more match to go it ensures promotion back to the BAL Premiership next year.

Saturday’s match was not without it’s highs and lows, as the Valley men finished the match thinking that they were in 2nd place in the match, however there were some errors in the final match results which when amended placed the Valley men in 1st place.

The team welcomed 2 new members on Saturday, with junior athlete Oluwole Orimoloye and senior athlete Allan McSween both making their BAL debut in the 4x100m relay team.

There was also a total of 5 pb performances for Jack Hatton in the 110MH, Andrew Ajube in the 400MH, Scott Stoll in the 200m, Hugo Cayssials in the 1500m and Richard Ollington in the 5000m.

The TVH Track Man of the Match award was won by Andrew Ajube, for his 400MH pb and leg in the 4x400m relay team.

The TVH Field Man of the Match award was won by Sam Trigg, for doubling-up and scoring great points in the triple jump and long jump.

The TVH Club Man of the Match award was won by Scott Stoll, for doubling-up in the 400m and 200m at short notice and recording a pb time in the 200m and getting very close to his pb time in the 400m.

2 TVH BAL debuts :
Oluwole Orimoloye, 4th place team in 4x100m relay.
Allan McSween, 4th place team in 4x100m relay.

5 TVH PB’s :
Jack Hatton, 1st in 14.08s, A string 110MH.
Andrew Ajube, 2nd in 53.84s, B string 400MH
Scott Stoll, 6th in 23.51s, B string 200m.
Hugo Cayssials, 2nd in 3m59.67s, B string 1500m.
Richard Ollington, 5th in 15m25.99s, A string 5000m.

3 TVH Man of the Match winners :

TVH Track Man of the Match, Andrew Ajube, 2nd in PB time of 53.84s in B string 400MH , 2nd place team in 4x400m relay.

TVH Field Man of the Match, Sam Trigg (HCA, 2nd claim), 2nd in 15.05m in A string triple jump, 4th in 6.55m in A string long jump.

TVH Club Man of the Match, Scott Stoll, 4th in 50.84s in B string 400m, 6th in PB time of 23.51s in B string 200m.

BAL Division 1, Match 3 Results, Eton, Saturday July 6, 2019 :

1. TVH, 330
2. Windsor, 322
3. Liverpool, 300
4. Swansea, 293
5. Bournemouth, 275
6. Sale, 274
7. Southampton, 261

BAL Division 1 League Table, after 3 matches :
1. TVH, 24
2. Liverpool, 18
3. Windsor, 18
4. Swansea, 15
5. Sale, 11
6. Bournemouth, 11
7. Southampton, 8