Fantastic 3rd place team finish at the 3rd YDL

Our young athletes travelled to Sandy on 22nd June 2019 to compete in the 3rd Youth Development League (YDL) match of the season. We started the day knowing that we’d need a good performance from all team members to save us from the relegation zone and each and every athlete stepped up! All athletes gave their all and we are really proud. A special mention to Reece, Joel, Luca and Jake for their doubling/tripling up within the sprints in A/B strings to gain valuable points! 

Also to Max Bishop who competed in both the 1500m and 300m in close succession after having competed in a Tennis Tournament earlier in the day! 

PB performances: 

  • Kayanne Brown 75m 11.3 
  • Amelia Seaton 75m 11.3 , 70mH M13.3
  • Asia Amede Charles 100m 13.3 SP 7.98m
  • Jake Curtis 200m 28.5
  • Sol Inglis 300m 43.4 80mH 15.8 LJ 4.41m
  • Max Bishop 300m 42.8
  • Mia Oldfield 300m 43.9 JT 19.56m 
  • Olivia Sparks 300m 44.3
  • Mohamed Boumaraf 800m 2:47.2  HJ 1.25m SP 5.22
  • Dominic Johnson 800m 2:28.8 SP 4.37
  • Ferran Carulla 800m 3:00.3 75mH 18.1 
  • Ollie Seraj 800m 2:56
  • Katerina Simakova 800m 2:46.2 SP 4.11m
  • Anna Kelly 1200m 4:28.6 HJ 1.15m SP 4.43m
  • Zenia Gordon 1500m 5:22.6
  • Molly McCormack 70H 15.5 LJ 3.65m 
  • Sofia Cappelli 75mH 14.0 JT 6.78m
  • Shenali Kuranage HJ 1.35m
  • Joshua Inglis SP 5.05m JT9.41m
  • Clayton Jacinto HT 22.54m 
  • Renee Harriott HT 13.16m 
  • Taichi Taketsume JT 18.30m
  • Maya Sutaria JT 9.61m
  • Kayanne Brown JT 7.66m 

Match 3

Male athlete of the match: Reece Earle with 3 wins in the 100m, 200m and relay 

Female athlete of the match: Mia Oldfield who competed in the 300m gaining a huge PB, as well as the discus and javelin all within the space of an hour! 

Full results can be found HERE

Our next match will be at home (Linford Christie Stadium) on the 20th July. Let’s get out the best team out we possibly can and keep the momentum going! Everyone’s welcome, whether you’ve competed in all 3 so far, or it’s your first competition, come and get involved. Up the Valley! 

SAL Update

TVH had a brilliant day at our home match to bring home the win! It was difficult to select man and woman of the match but we have awarded it to: 

Man of the Match: Oli Newton for his 2nd place in the B string 5000m followed by a win in the A string 2000m s/c, a tough distance double! 

Woman of the Match: Hannah Hall for her win in 100, 200 and anchoring team in 4×100 relay!

Special mention to those athletes that got a PB: 

  • Laurence Owen, 2nd A string long jump, 6.47m pb
  • Daniel Garcia-Rasines, 1st Non-Scoring 5000m, 15:55.5 pb
  • Ebenezer Joseph, 1st Non-scoring 100m 11.8 pb 
  • Georgia Hanley, 1st Non-scoring 400m 73.3 pb, 1500m 5:50.1 
  • Basil Rock, 4th Non-scoring 800m 2:11.8 pb 
  • Capucine Rousset, 2nd B string 800m 2:33 pb 
  • Louis Hodge, 2nd Non-scoring 1500m 4:20.4 pb 
  • Sage Pearce-Higgins, 3rd Non scoring 1500m 4:21.1 pb 
  • Isabelle Franco, 1st A string 3000m 10:42.9 pb 
  • Chloe Baker, 1st B string 3000m 10:54.6 pb 
  • Ben Morgan, 4th A string 400mH 59.3 pb + TJ 11.13 
  • Kinza Joshua Osondu, 3rd B string, LJ 3.50 pb 
  • Hannah Hall, 3rd B string, shot put 5.43

Well done to all those athletes that stepped out of their comfort zone to try new events, particularly Charlotte Buckley, Isabel Dye and Team Manager Amber! 

Full results can be found HERE