Club records for TVH’s Young Athletes at the YDL

TVH’s YDL Upper Age Group team got TVH’s 2015 Track & Field season off to a great start with two club records, 19 event wins and many more PBs.

The recently promoted Division 1 team, did very well to finish 4th out of 8 teams. Despite taking a relatively small team to Oxford, due to injuries, holidays and other clashing commitments – all the athletes present did very well to fill in gaps and excel at their specialist events. With the great team spirit that was shown and with a few additional athletes due to come into the team for the remaining three matches TVH have a good chance to gain promotion again.

TVH’s small U20 women team dominated the jumps. Marissa John had a fantastic day four life time best performances in shot (6.93m), long jump (4.86m), high jump (1.40m) and triple jump (10.57m). New to the TVH YDL team was high jumper Ella Widdop-Gray who coped well in windy conditions to clear 1.65m for a win in the A string, Ella went on to win the B string triple jump and run a fast leg in the victorious 4x100m team. Aeysha Robinson was another very busy athlete, in her specialist event, the pole vault, she vaulted a fantastic PB (2.70m) and went on to score valuable points for the team in the long jump, discus and javelin. Rue-ann Paisley and Olivia Mundabi combined very well in the sprints. Rue-Ann won her 100m race and Olivia ran a PB when finishing second in the 200m. Rue-Ann and Olivia were joined by Ella and U17 Allanah to continue TVH’s unbeaten record over the last two years in the U20 4x100m with a good winning time of 52.62.

The U17 ladies continued on from their fantastic winter cross country season with two club records and many event wins. Kosana Weir (pictured), in her first ever steeplechase showed her natural ability over the barriers by winning the 1500m steeplechase in a new amazing club record of 5:27.10. Kosana’s twin sister, India, also had a good day by running close to her PB in winning the 800m in a time of 2:20.70; India also achieved two new PB’s in the triple jump and discus. Verity Walker and Alice Harray was the selected combination from TVH’s talented middle distance squad for the 1500m, both ran well to finish 3rd in their respective races. Verity went on to win the B string 800m and Alice scored valuable points for the team in the long jump and the 300m. Another member of the TVH’s U17 cross country team was Ashleigh Harewood, who did very well over shorter distances and recorded three PBs in the 200m, 300m and discus. Allanah Duberry was TVH’s only U17 sprinter and ran well for 5th places in the 100m and 200m. In the final U17 event of the day there was a very exciting 4x300m race, with positions changing with every leg, the TVH quartet of Kosana Weir, Verity Walker, Ashleigh Harewood and India Weir all had very strong runs for a fantastic 2nd place in a new U17 club record time of 3:06.86.

TVH dominated the U20 sprints despite an early DQ in the 100m A string. TVH’s U20 sprinters went on to win all the remain 100m and 200m races with Kamal running a PB 22.45 in the 200m and Daniel John (U17) taking victory in the 100m and 200m. Robert Vallance had his best day on the track with two very good PBs in the 1500m (4:15.07) and the 2000m steeplechase (6:41.83).  In the field, Odell Okuowsa and David Jzerkowski were very busy with three events each. Javelin specialist, David, easily won his main even with a throw of 47.57m and he went on to win the discus B string and set a new PB (9.37m) for 2nd place in the shot. Odell scored good points in his events; the long jump, triple jump and discus. Portuguese walker, Artur Domingos, also did well, in his B string events, to win the steeplechase, 2nd in the shot and 3rd in both the 800m and triple jump. Unsurprisingly, once joined by the U17 sprinters, the U20m 4x100m team easily won their race in a time if 45.14.

The small contingent of U17 men had a good balance between sprinters, middle distance athletes and throwers. Having won both his U20 sprint races, Daniel John went on to win the U17’s long jump in a new PB of 5.83m. Emmanuel Dadzie and Keano Paris-Samuel was TVH’s U17 sprint combination and both came 2nd in their respective 100m and 200m races with Emmanual setting a new lifetime best in the 200m A string (23.23). Cassius Rathbone and Lucillo Burrell were two very busy middle distance athletes and ran well in the 800m, 1500m and 4x400m relay team that finished 4th. Lucillo was up against the U20’s in the 800m, he ran strongly for a PB (2:12.92), having already placed 3rd in the 1500m and 6th in the javelin. Ceake Maddix supported the middle distance athletes by coming 4th in the B string 800m. Marsin Sesay also had a high points scoring day by finishing 2nd in the hammer and shot (10.62m PB), and with another PB, 1.35m, he place 4th place in the high jump.


Women U20

100m A: 5th Olivia Mundabi 13.12

100m B: 1st Rue-Ann Paisley 13.49

200m A: 4th Rue-Ann Paisley 27.12

200m B: 2nd Olivia Mundabi 26.60 PB

Discus A: 6th Aeysha Robinson 18.08m PB

Discus B: 1st Ashleigh Harewood (u17) 13.67m PB

Javelin A: 7th Aeysha Robinson 12.19m

Javelin B: 5th Kosana Weir (u17) 6.38m PB

Shot A: 6th Marissa John 6.93m PB

LJ A: 2nd Marissa John 4.86m PB

LJ B: 5th Aeysha Robinson 3.57m

HJ A: 1st Ella Widdop-Gray 1.65m

HJ B: 1st Marissa John 1.40m PB

TJ A: 1st Marissa John 10.57m PB

TJ B: 1st Ella Widdop-Gray 10.29m

PV A 1st Aeysha Robinson 2.70m PB

4x100m Relay: 1st TVH (Duberry (u17), Paisley, Widdop-Gray, Mundabi) 52.65  


Women U17

100m A: 5th Alanah Duberry 13.64

200m A: 5th Alanah Duberry 27.63

200m B: 3rd Ashleigh Harewood 28.44 PB

300m A: 6th Alice Harray 47.59 PB

300m B: 4rd Ashleigh Harewood 45.68 PB

800m A: 1st India Weir 2:20.70

800m B: 1st Verity Walker 2:31.01

1500m A: 3rd Verity Walker 5:03.36

1500m A: 3rd Alice Harray 5:15.79

1500m SC A: 1st Kosana Weir 5:27.10 PB & New Club Record

Discus A: 5th India Weir 12.63m PB

LJ A: 6th Alice Harray 3.76m

TJ A: 3rd India Weir 8.95m PB

4 x300m A: 2nd TVH (K Weir, Walker, Harewood. I Weir) 3:06.86 New Club Record

Mens U20

100m B: 1st Daniel John (u17) 11.60

200m A: 1st Kamal Mitchell 22.45 PB

200m B: 1st Daniel John (u17) 23.72

800m A: 4th Lucillo Burrell 2:12.92 PB

800m B: 3rd Artur Domingos 3:07.35 PB

1500m A: 3rd Rober Vallance 4:15.07 PB

2000m SC A: 2nd Robert Vallance 6:41.83 PB

2000m SC B: 1st Artur Domingos 10:27.54 PB

Discus A: 3rd Odell Okuosa 20.45m PB

Discus B: 1st David Jzerkowski 17.11m

Javelin A: 1st David Jzerkowski 47.57m

Shot A: 2nd David Jzerkowski 9.37m PB

Shot B: 2nd Artur Domingos 6.93m

LJ A: 5th Odell Okuowsa 5.76m

TJ A: 5th Odell Okuowsa 12.55m

TJ B: 3rd Artur Domingos 9.24m PB

4x100m Relay: TVH 1st (John (u17), Mitchell (u20), Paris-Samuel (u17), Dadzie (u17)) 45.14


Mens U17

100m A: 2nd Emmanuel Dadzie 11.77

100m B: 2nd Keano Paris-Samuel 11.79 

200m A: 2nd Emmanuel Dadzie 23.23 PB

200m B: 2nd Keano Paris-Samuel 23.18

800m A: 2nd Cassius Rathbone 2:13.86

800m B: 4th Ceake Maddix 2:56.76 PB

1500m A: 3rd Lucillo Burrell 4:30.80 

1500m B: 2nd Cassius Rathbone 4:34.24 PB

Hammer A: 2nd Marsin Sesay 6.70m

Javelin A: 6th Lucillo Burrell 14.25m PB

Shot A: 2nd Marsin Sesay 10.62m PB

LJ A: 1st Daniel John 5.83m PB

HJ: A: 4th Marsin Sesay 1.35m PB

4x400m Relay: TVH 4th (Vallance, Burrell, Maddix, Rathbone) 4:03.43


4th TVH 516 Points