Ava White’s hat-trick of wins in Met League

It was not just the sheer numbers that the Under 13 girls came first in this third match of the season, it was the high standard of the home team which swamped the other clubs. Starting the race with 14 runners it was a great show to see the Valley up at the front of the field. Once again the race was between two Ava’s. They both ran neck and neck until our Ava White got the verdict on the line in the closest race of the season.

Having her best result so far, Lily Salkeld finished in sixth place closely followed by Melina Duer and Philippine Poupart-Lafarge in seventh and eighth places. Then Olivia, 10th was closely followed in 13th place by Charlotte Cooney-Quinn who turned the form books upside down with her best run this season. After being asked to start quicker, Zakia Mossi overdid it and suffered later in the race as she still finished 17th.

Again at the front of their race the TVH Women all seemed to be injury free and running well. India Weir was a very good second closely followed by Kosana in third. Then Verity Walker and Alice Harray came in together in eighth and nineth places to win their team race. Another fine run came from Olivia Olsher in 13th place. Our first under 15 in the race, Rose Barkle, also ran well for 25th place and Helena Findlater in 31st place was very pleased with her performance.

For the first time this season the under 13 boys had a full team running. First home was Basil Rock in 19th place and it was good to see Aidan Ferrand finish 29th out of a field of 55. Jude Gunn, 42nd and Noor Mahmoud, 51st made up the team. Once again Lucillo Burrell was our lone under 17 in the men’s race and he finished a creditable 11th. In the same race Oliver Weintraub was 37th overall and 13th under 15 to finish. Nicholas Duer was 51st (22nd). Having his first race, Antonio Cassini had a tussel with Guy Kaye as they finished 73rd and 74th.

The under 11 event was a mixed race and it was good to see Kate Price win the girls event in seventh overall position and Lily Dafter in 19th place, fourth girl. Unfortunately the boys declaration sheet went missing so we cannot, at present, give their times and positions.

Under 11 Boys.

10 M Beaumard 7:10; 12 M Rock 7:18; 13 C Rollo 7:22; 18 B Moon 7:37; 20 S Inglis 7:45; 44 m Cull 8:47.

Under 11 Girls.

1 K Price 7:00; 4 L Dafter 7:37; 27 M Salkeld 7:57; 43 S Reid 8:41; 45 R Wilsdon 9:14.

Under 13 Boys. Team 10th

19 B Rock 13:20; 29 A Ferrand 14;04; 42 J Gunn 15:08; 51 N Mahmoud 15:48.

Under 13 Girls. ‘A’ Team 1st; ‘B’ Team 3rd.

1 A White 13:13; 6 l Salkeld 14:00; 7 M Duer 14:11; 8 P Poupart-Lafarge 14:13; 10 Olivia Colegrave 14:34; 14 C Cooney-Quinn 14:41; 17 Z Mossi 15:08; 26 S Stingelin 15:52; 28 Capucino Rousset 16:01; 29 S Panourgias 16:29; 30 Leila Jarvis; 31 E Power 16:36; 36 C Rousset 18:13; 37 E Russell 19:54.

Under 15/17 Boys. Team 12th.

11 L Burrell 13:14; 37 O Weintraub 14:20; 51 N Duer 14:49; 73 A Cassini 16:42; 74 G Kaye 16:43.

Under 15/17 Girls. Team 1st.

2 I Weir 14:49; 3 K Weir 14:51; 8 V Walker 15:13; 9 A Harray 15:16; 13 O Olsher 15:43; 25 R Barkle 16:31; 31 H Findlater 16:54; 41 E Biggs 17:45.