National Men’s 12 Stage and Women’s 6 Stage Road Relays, Sutton Park, Saturday 7th April 2019

Both TVH men and women’s team secured a top 20 finish in Sutton Park at the National Road Relays, with some phenomenal individual performances throughout the day. 

The Women’s 6 stage comprised for 2 longer legs (1 and 4) of 5.38 miles and 4 shorter legs of 3.16 miles on the renowned hilly course. Heather Timmins ran the first leg against a stacked field, and set TVH off to a great start passing over in 10th place. Kirsty Addy and Fiona Thompson were back competing on the 2nd and 3rd legs after time out with injury. Both put in solid performances on their return to fitness. Lisa Da Silva ran a great second long leg of the day and passed over in 11th. Lara Scerri and Fran Lou rounded off the team and we finished the day in 16th overall.

The men’s event alternates 6 longer legs with 6 shorter legs. Petros Surafel set the pace in the Men’s 12 stage handing over in 1st place and getting us off to a brilliant start. Conor Kissanewood and Antonio Silva put in great performances to handover in 8th after leg 3. The team fluctuated between between 11th and 16th position throughout the rest of the race making a top 20 finish look easy. A  16th place finish is an extraordinary improvement on last years 45th, and we were only 19 seconds off finishing 15th. The depth in our team was really exciting with strong performances from John Borton, Chris Smith, Michael Cameron, Daniel Mulryan, Daniel Garcia Rasines, James Ellis, Oliver Newton, Hugo Cayssials and last but not least Calum Nicol.

Notable performances from the day include Petros and Heather who both finished within the top 15 fastest long legs of the day finishing 8th and 14th respectively.   

16   Thames Valley Harriers             2:28:24

Heather Timmins  (10) 30:42       

Kirsty Addy      (11) 19:07      

Fiona Thompson   (10) 19:37       

Lisa Da Silva     (11) 33:13       

Lara Scerri      (15) 23:22       

Fran Lou         (16) 22:23

16  Thames Valley Harriers              4:26:27

Petros Surafel   (1) 25:54

Conor Kissanewoo (8) 16:32

Antonio Silva    (8) 26:58

John Borton      (11) 16:46

Chris Smith      (14) 28:16

Michael Cameron  (14) 16:32

Daniel Mulryan   (13) 27:50

D Garciarasines  (16) 17:14

James Ellis      (16) 28:08

Oliver Newton    (16) 16:29

Hugo Cayssials   (14) 28:25

Calum Nicol      (16) 17:23

Full results can be found HERE