13 Gold, 12 Silver and 4 Bronze medals at the Middlesex Indoor Championships

13 Gold, 12 Silver and 4 Bronze medals were won at the Middlesex Indoor Championships. There were many personal best and a Championship Best Performance from Angela Barrett in the triple jump with 12.85m who is back to her best after recently going over 13m indoors and is currently ranked number 2 in the UK.

Read on for TVH’s medallists:

Manuel da Silva reports:

Erika Yeboah, Silver, U15 girls 60m, 7.93 PB

Tayla Brade, Gold, U20 women 60m, 7.63

Teejay Mitchell, Bronze, U15 boys 60m, 7.92 PB

Alexander Moka, Gold, U17 men 60m, 7.06 PB

Daniel John, Bronze, U17 men 60m, 7.19 PB

Jordan Francis, Bronze, U20 men 60m, 7.03 PB

Leroy Cain, Silver, senior men 60m, 7.04

Hannah Hall, Silver, U15 girls 200m, 26.65

Brittany Robinson, Gold, U17 women 200m, 26.80

Jozae Grant, Silver, U17 women 200m, 26.80

Keano-Eillot Paris-Samuel, Silver, U17 men 200m, 23.25

Kamal Mitchell, Gold, U20 men 200m, 22.79 PB

Leroy Cain, Gold, senior men 200m, 22.76

Jozae Grant, Silver, U17 women 300m, 42.35 PB

Nousayba Kaboash, Silver, U20 women 400, 69.47 PB

Nilrem Stewart, Gold, U20 men 400m, 51.40 PB

Ebou Njie, Silver, U17 men 1500m, 5:02.66

Deschanelle Ajiboluwa, Silver, U20 women 60m hurdles, 10.40 PB

Antonio McLeary, Silver, U20 men 60m hurdles, 9.49 PB

Ella Widdop-Gray, Gold, U20 women high jump, 1.60m

Jude Bright-Davies, Gold, U17 men, long jump, 6.14m

Odell Okwuosa, Gold, U20 men long jump, 5.58m

Lia Stephenson, Gold, U20 women triple jump, 11.45m

Angela Barrett, Gold, senior women triple jump, 12.85m CBP

Jude Bright-Davies, Gold, U20 men triple jump, 13.87m

Joel Bright-Davies, Bronze, U20 men triple jump, 11.57m PB

Josephine Akagwu, Silver, U15 girls shot putt, 8.52m

Jahreem Charles, Gold, U15 boys shot putt, 9.00m

Odell Okwuosa, Silver, U20 men triple jump, 12.36m PB