10 medals for TVH at the South of England Championships

10 medals (4 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze) were won by Thames Valley Harriers athletes at the 2016 regional track and field championships. Pippa Rogan continued her outstanding season with gold in wet conditions at the South of England Championships with very good clearance of 1.75m with Annabelle Bates claiming the bronze in the high jump. There was also a gold/bronze combination in the senior women’s triple jump/U20 men’s triple jump with Lia Stephenson and Joel Bright-Davies claiming their respective medals.

Read on for many more outstanding results from TVH athletes.

Joel Bright-Davies (U20m bronze) and Lia Stephenson (SW gold) – triple jump

South of England Championships, Lee Valley, Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th June

100m SM Heat 1 7th Nima Jam 11.45 PB; Heat 2 2nd Subomi Onanuga 10.78; Heat 2 7th Berenger Assoumou 12.07; Heat 5 4th Chaka Maillet 11.22; Heat 6 1st Leroy Cain 10.54 (w3.0); Semi-Final 1 4th Subomi Onanuga 10.68 PB; Semi-Final 1 6thMark Dyble 11.02; Semi-Final 2 2nd Leroy Cain 10.56 PB; Final 4th Leroy Cain 10.58; Final 5th Subomi Onanuga 10.62 PB

100m U20W Heat 1 2nd Brittany Robinson 12.30; Heat 1 8th Sherique Ruddock 13.44; Final 3rd (BRONZE) Brittany Robinson 12.13
100m U20M Heat 1 3rd Daniel John 11.48; Heat 1 4th Nilrem Stewart 11.58; Heat 1 6th Amar-Mazigh Aichoun 12.11; Heat 4 2nd Kamal Mitchell 11.33; Heat 4 8th Tyrell Mills-Rhule 11.89; Semi-Final 1 8th Daniel John 11.41; Semi-Final 2 3rd Olamide Lanihun 11.30; Semi-Final 2 5th Kamal Mitchell 11.38; Semi-Final 2 7th Keano-Elliott Paris-Samuel 11.43; Final 7th Olamide Lanihun 11.18;
200m SW Heat 2 7th Connie Mottram 28.14
200m SM Heat 1 2nd Mark Dyble 22.44; Heat 1 8th Berenger Assoumou 25.74; Heat 3 6th Nima Jam 23.39; Final 5th Mark Dyble 22.49
200m U20W Heat 1 2nd Brittany Robinson 24.80; 6th Sherique Ruddock 27.13 PB; Final 4th Brittany Robinson 24.92
200m U20M Heat 1 4th Nilrem Stewart 22.73; Heat 2 1st Kamal Mitchell 22.20; Heat 2 4th Keano-Elliott Paris-Samuel 22.55; Heat 2 6th Tyrell Mills-Rhule 23.75; Heat 3 6th Daniel John 23.54; Final 6th Kamal Mitchell 22.50
100m Hurdles SW Final 5th Tayla Benson 14.96
400m Hurdles SW Heat 1 5th Lucy Ferguson 63.00
400m Hurdles SM  Heat 2 7th Andrew Ajube 60.06
High Jump SW Final 1st (GOLD) Pippa Rogan 1.75m; =3rd (BRONZE) Annabelle Bates 1.55m
Pole Vault SW Final 4th Shannon Rapacchi (HCA) 3.05m
Long Jump SM Final 4th Ogo Anochirionye 7.00m
Triple Jump U20W Final 1st (GOLD) Lia Stephenson 12.27m
Triple Jump U20M Final 3rd (BRONZE) Joel Bright-Davies 13.07m
Shot Putt SW Final 2nd (SILVER) Danielle Opara 14.26m
Shot Putt SM Final 1st (GOLD) Craig Sturrock (HCA) 14.11m (Northern Championships, Manchester)
Hammer U20W Final 1st (GOLD) Katie Lambert (HCA) 55.01m (Midland Championships, Nuneaton)
Discus SW Final 2nd (SILVER) Sophie Mace (HCA) 44.48m
Javelin SW Final 3rd (BRONZE) Laura Britane 45.45m