South of England Cross Country Relays

South of England Cross Country Relays, Wormwood Scrubs

Since 2011 TVH have hosted the South of England Cross Country Relays at Wormwood Scrubs (West London, W12 0DF).

The 2019 edition will take place on Saturday 19th October 2019.

Details on how to enter can be found on:

Previous Results

See below summaries of team & individual results from 12th March 2011, 6th October 2012, 5th October 2013, 18th October 2014, 17th October 2015, 22nd October 2016 and 21st October 2017.

2014 TVH Gold Medal Winning Team: Lisa da Silva, Sheena Allport and Kirsty Addy
2014 TVH’s Gold Medal Winning Team: Lisa da Silva, Sheena Allport and Kirsty Addy

Senior Women 3x3000m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Chelmsford AC 36:37Belgrave Harriers 36:59London Heathside 37:10H. Archer 11:36 (W. Suffolk AC)
2016London Heathside 36:35Thames Valley Harriers 36:38Luton AC 36:43R. Keane 11:20 (Luton AC)
2015 South London Harriers 37:34Belgrave Harriers 37:51London Heathside 38:14S. McCall 11:22 (SLH)
2014Thames Valley Harriers 36:42Belgrave Harriers 36:55South London Harriers 37:07M. Wilkins 11:47 (Belgrave)
2013Thames Valley Harriers 36:53Highgate Harriers 38:19Guildford & Godalming AC 38:53L. da Silva 12:14 (TVH)
2012Belgrave Harriers 39:14London Heathside 39:56Harrow AC 40:17S. Rust 12:29 (L Heathside)
2011Aldershot Farmham & Disctrict AC 38:12Highgate Harriers 38:54Belgrave Harriers 39:11J. Harvey 11:44 (AFD)


Senior Men 4x5000m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Hillingdon AC 56:28Highgate Harriers 57:16Belgrave Harriers 57:17M. Mohamed13:43 (Hillingdon AC)
2016 Highgate Harriers 56:30Newham & Essex Beeagles 56:56Belgrave Harriers 57:14P. Owor 13:31 (Belgrave H)
2015 Highgate Harriers 56:45Belgrave Harriers 57:49Windsor Slough Eton & H 57:56A. Silva 13.26 (TVH)
2014Belgrave Harriers 1:01:48Herne Hill Harriers 1:01:58Bedford & County AC 1:02:09A. Maud 14:10 (Clapham C)
2013Bedford & County AC 57:54Newham & Essex Beagles 58:24Aldershot Farmham & Disctrict AC 59:36A. Maud 13:50 (Clapham C)
2012Thames Valley Harriers 57:33Belgrave Harriers 58:58Bedford & County AC 59:15C. Hartley 14:04 (TVH)
2011Thames Valley Harriers 59:49Herne Hill Harriers 1:01:46Tonbridge AC 1:03:00R. Russell 14:31 (TVH)


Under 20 Women 3x2500m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Newbury AC 25:42Herne Hill Harriers 26:07Thames Valley Harriers 26:14K. Walker 07:56 (Reading AC)
2016Windsor Slough Eton & H 27:57Abingdon AC 28:29 N/AE. Moyes 08:27 (W. Suffolk AC)
2015 Windsor Slough Eton & H 27:00Chiltern Harriers 28:33N/AS. Champman 08:22 (WSEH)
2014Invicta East Kent AC 24:43Herts Phoenix AC 26:36Chiltern Harriers AC 29:22B. Clay 07:46 (Invicta EK)
2013Reading AC 28:34Chiltern Harriers AC 29:13N/AJ. Gibbon 07:58 (Reading AC)
2012Reading AC 34:24N/AN/AF. Brereton 09:39 (Bracknell AC)
2011Guildford & Godalming AC 30:11Reading AC 33:09N/AA. Tracey 09:37 (G&G)


Under 20 Men 3x3000m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Windsor, Slough Eton & H 31:45Reading AC 32:06Thames Valley Harriers 33:01I. Farnworth 10:23 (Reading AC)
2016Chiltern Harriers 31:30Windsor, Slough Eton & H 31:41Bedford & County 32:22W. Perkin 10:16 (Chiltern H)
2015Bedford & County AC 31:42Windsor Slough Eton & H 32:38Basingstoke & Mid Hants 35:01J. Douglas 10:30 (B&C)
2014West Suffolk AC 31:47Invicta East Kent AC 31:56Bedford & County AC 32:32A. Tsegay 10:00 (Invicta EK)
2013Bracknell AC 31:44Aldershot Farmham & Disctrict AC 32:28Bedford & County AC 32:47J. Wyllie 10:25 (AFD)
2012Reading AC ‘A’ 32:43Bracknell AC 33:57Reading AC ‘B’ 35:24J. Davies 10:26 (Reading AC)
2011Newham & Essex Beagles 33:15Hastings AC 34:12Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 34:30H. Abdi 10:30 (NEB)


Under 17 Women 3x2500m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Guildford & Godalming AC 25:58Reading AC 26:37Bracknell AC 26:46E. Sakaria 08:20 (G & G)
2016Herne Hill Harriers 26:10Reading AC 26:51West Suffolk 27:02K. Walker 08:12 (Reading AC)
2015Bracknell AC 25:29Windsor Slough Eton & H 25:32West Suffolk AC 25:44M. Goodrum 08:02 (WSEH)
2014Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 25:24West Suffolk AC 25:41Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 26:00S. Tooley 08:12 (W. Suffolk AC)
2013Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC “A” 25:23Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC “B” 25:46Chelmsford AC 26:44G. Fear 08:11 (Highgate H)
2012Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC 29:57Chiltern Harriers AC 30:08Reading AC 32:05E. Barraclough 09:08 (Reading AC)
2011Guildford & Godalming AC 30:21Reading AC 32:08Abingdon AAC 33:42P. Disley-May 09:43 (G&G)


Under 17 Men 3x3000m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Windsor Slough Eton & H 32:41Chiltern Harriers 33:22Reading AC 33:34E. Steveni 10:39 (Reading AC)
2016Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 30:46Reading AC 32:11Bracknell AC 32:37H. Kadir 10:07  (SBH)
2015Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 31:50Windsor Slough Eton & H 32:06Herne Hill Harriers 32:40W. Perkin 10:17 (Chiltern H)
2014Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 33:28Chiltern Harriers AC 33:33Herne Hill Harriers 33:35W. Perkin 10:46 (Chiltern H)
2013West Suffolk AC 32:05Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 32:27Reading AC 32:58J. McCarthy 10:24 (Chiltern H)
2012Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 33:06Bracknell AC 33:27West Suffolk AC 33:35T. Burns 10:37 (Bracknell AC)
2011Aldershot Farmham & Disctrict AC 33:56Bexley AC 35:22Tonbridge AC 35:34A. Provost 10:53 (AFD)


Under 15 Girls 3x2000m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Blackheath & Bromley 22:02Herne Hill Harriers 22:30Ipswich Harriers 22:38M. Squibb  07:10 (B&B H)
2016City of Norwich 22:15Walton AC 22:18Thames Valley Harriers 22:37C. Buckley  07:13 (TVH)
2015Herne Hill Harriers 22:09Guildford & Godalming AC 22:22City of Norwich 23:09A. Brown 07:02 (HHH)
2014Herne Hill Harriers 22:06Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 22:27Thames Valley Harriers 22:38A. Brown 07:18 (HHH)
2013Bracknell AC 21:43West Suffolk AC 21:41Herne Hill Harriers 22:06S. Millard 06:59 (HHH)
2012West Suffolk AC 22:04Bracknell AC 22:32Chiltern Harriers 23:12G. Goddard 07:14 (Bracknell AC)
2011Aldershot Farmham & Disctrict AC 22:25Tonbridge AC 23:18Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 24:55H. Preedy 07:22 (AFD)


Under 15 Boys 3x2000m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Hillingdon AC 20:19Chiltern Harriers 20:38Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow 20:50M. McGarvie 06:33 (Hillingdon AC)
2016Chiltern Harriers 20:29Bracknell AC 20:44Chiltern Harriers 20:49D. McDougall 06:26 (WSEH)
2015Bracknell AC 19:38Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow 19:51Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 20:25H. Digby 06:27 (Bracknell AC)
2014Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 19:42Cambridge Harriers 20:05Reading AC 20:13N. Armitage-Hookes 06:30 (Cambridge H)
2013Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 20:11Reading AC 20:17Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC 20:23W. Perkin 06:23 (Chiltern H)
2012City of Norwich AC 20:36West Suffolk AC 20:56St Marys Richmond AC 21:24A. Waterson 06:36 (C of N)
2011Tonbridge AC 20:23Aldershot Farmham & Disctrict AC 20:30Chiltern Harriers 20:43M. Goddard 06:34 (Chiltern H)


Under 13 Girls 3x2000m

 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017Chiltern Harriers 23:20Guildford & Godalming Ac 23:30City of Norwich 23:38A. Henderson 7:35 (Chiltern H)
2016Herne Hill Harriers 23:11Chiltern Harriers 23:29City of Norwich 23:34M. Collins 7:22 (HHH)
2015Herne Hill Harriers A 23:29Herne Hill Harriers B 23:33Oxford City AC 23:42M. Collins 07:30 (HHH)
2014Wycombe Phoenix Harriers & AC 23:18Herne Hill Harriers 23:38Guildford & Godalming AC 23:46K. Stilwell 07:24 (WPH)
2013Herne Hill Harriers 22:21Guildford & Godalming AC 22:55West Suffolk AC 23:00A. Brown 07:18 (HHH)
2012Bracknell AC 23:03Herne Hill Harriers 23:03West Suffolk AC 23:56S. Millard 07:13 (HHH)
2011Bracknell AC 22:44Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 24:09Aldershot Farmham & Disctrict AC 24:18M. Ranagham 07:17 (Bracknell AC)


Under 13 Boys 3x2000m


 GoldSilverBronzeFastest Leg
2017North Norfolk Harriers 21:34Chiltern Harriers 21:38Reading AC 22:37Innes O’Malley 6:7:02 (N. Norfolk H)
2016Herne Hill Harriers 21:19Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 22:07Poole AC 22:28J. Kennedy 6:48 (HHH)
2015Chiltern Harriers 21:50Guildford & Goldaling AC 22:26Herne Hill Harriers 22:26A. Williams 07:09 (Chiltern H)
2014Herne Hill Harriers 21:39Chiltern Harriers 21:59Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 22:19O. Millard 06:53 (HHH)
2013Bracknell AC 21:59Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC 22:32Reading AC 22:39H. Digby 06:59 (Bracknell AC)
2012Camberley & District AC 22:06Reading AC 22:40Hastings AC 22:41M. Rawlings 07:10 (Reading AC)
2011City of Norwich AC 22:14Chiltern Harriers 22:39Camberley & District AC 22:45A. Waterson 06:57 (C of N)


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