Team win for TVH at the Vitality 10k

27th May 2019 London Vitality 10000m  turned out to be a fantastic day of running for our athletes! Several PB’s and to top it off we won the British 10k team champs by a considerable margin! Paulos, Mo and Petros made up the winning team, coming 5th, 18th and 21st respectively in an absolutely stacked field. TVH topped the team result with Aldershot and Leeds almost 30 points behind. 

On the women’s side Tracy and Ann-Marie both ran really well to finish in 9th and 11th. 

Special mention to those that got PB’s! Paulos, Edouard, Daniel (Garcia-Rasines), Georgia, Stephanie, and Chloe! See full TVH results below. 


Place Athlete Time
5 Paulos Surafel (GBR) 00:29:16
18 Mohamud Aadan (GBR) 00:29:55
21 Petros Surafel (GBR) 00:30:01
82 Conor Kissane-Wood (GBR) 00:31:54
95 Daniel Mulryan (GBR) 00:32:12
109 Matthieu Ribault (GBR) 00:32:32
135 Edouard Long (GBR) 00:32:57
150 Chris Thomas (GBR) 00:33:09
193 Tracy BARLOW (GBR) 00:33:44
201 Ann-Marie Mcglynn (GBR) 00:33:52
225 Daniel Garcia-Rasines (GBR) 00:34:20
609 Georgia Curry (GBR) 00:37:43
777 Stephanie Ainley (GBR) 00:38:40
893 Chloe Baker (GBR) 00:39:13
1046 Paul Woodgate (GBR) 00:39:52
1240 Richard Hooley (GBR) 00:40:43
3826 Siana Jones (GBR) 00:48:08
4046 Jake Hooley (GBR) 00:48:36
9780 Rose Coral (GBR) 00:58:09

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