Mo Aadan makes a flying start at the front of the field to come home in 2nd place.

The summer road race series renewed and revitalised itself in 2016 in memory of a TVH legend and is now known as the Ron Hopcroft Endurance Cup.

10 races have been selected over a range of distances to make up the competition (the best six results count). The races are meant to be evenly-spaced through the summer, fairly easy to access from west London and not too expensive

1. Best Spring (Feb-April) Half-Marathon  Time (including official marathon splits)
2. Southern 12/6 Stage Road Relays – Gravesend – Saturday 25th March 
3.* National 12/6 Stage Road Relays* – Sutton Park – Saturday 8th April
4. Vitality London 10,000 – Green Park – Bank Holiday Monday 29th May
5. Concorde Five – Cranford Park – Sunday 11th June
6. Sri Chinmoy Midsummer 10k – Battersea Park – Saturday 24th June
7. Gunnersbury Park 10K– Gunnersbury Park – Sunday 23rd July
. Regents Park Summer 10k – Regents Park – Sunday 6th August
9. Middlesex 10k – Victoria Park – Sunday 3rd September (date TBC)

10. Southern 6/4 Stage Road Relays – Venue TBC – Sunday 24th September
* Athletes that do not get selected for TVH’s National 12/6 stage teams, your best time at a Wormwood Scrubs Parkrun in April will be ranked for your Race 3 score.

Scoring Rules

The competition runs from February to September. Awards will be given out to the top three scoring Male and Female Athletes. The best 6 from 10 count.

The top 20 TVH athletes in each race will score the following points; 1st = 20, 2nd = 19, 3rd = 18 etc regardless of their race finishing position in the open event. This will be separate for Male and Females.

5 bonus points are awarded for making the top 3 overall of the open event in each category e.g. Senior Men, Senior Women, Vet/Masters(35/40/45/50/55/60) or junior (U17/20) as long as the age categories are recognised as prizes in the open event.

Current Standings

Best 6 Total12345678910
Kirstie Tew861413192020
Tracy Barlow8425192020
Heather Timmins52191815
Charlotte Le Rougetel42131118
Fiona Thompson351718
Kirsty Addy331617
Ann-Marie McGlynn2020
Sarah Johnson1919
Victoria Carter1818
Alice Harray1717
Iris Clarke1616
Sarah Bellchambers1616
Andrea Broughton1515
Katie Olding1515
Rosie Vallance1414
Barbara Maddison1212
Marion Brydson1010
Frankie Lynch99
Andrew Mitchell971917181825
Paul Woodgate71151071920
Richard Hooley57152319
David Ford529741418
Antonio Silva402020
James Ellis392019
Michael Crone381919
Rizwan Rauf37211717
Ryan Keane351817
Calum Nicol321715
Conor Kissane-Wood321616
Greg Bennett271413
James Malcom271098
Stephen Norris271413
Hugo Dias221111
Andrew Walshe2020
Kieron Sexton1818
James Spender17116
Robert Vallance1717
Dave Franks1616
Jack Hooley1616
Daniel Garcia-Rasines1515
Jonathon Baird1414
George Roberts1313
Stephen Jones1313
Christian Nielsen1212
Matthew Douthwaite1212
Manuel da Silva1010
Scott Brewer99
John McCarthy88
Max Thorpe88
Oliver Hopkins77
Nick Michael633
Rowan Saunders66
Peter Hill55
Simon Rubens55
William Paynter541
Fraser Brydson22

Previous Winners

2016Christine MundenSarah JohnsonFiona ThompsonPaul WoodgateChris ThomasRichard Hooley