The team rebuilt post war, and formed the Juniors section for the first time.

  • 1922: TVH competed in the first ever Middlesex cross country championships, placing 2nd in the team event.
  • 1924: Charlie Smith began his long term as President of TVH.
  • 1926: TVH won the Middlesex Championships for the first time.
  • 1927: The club’s track and field team competed in Middlesex track league. Bert Nuti won the first of his 22 club titles on the track and country.
  • 1928-29: The cross country team struggled until new winter headquarters were established at White Hart Hotel, Cranford.

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  1. you have bert nuti down winning 22 club titles what about bill nuti he won some tittles as well, and what about pa nuti that was involved in the club as well, any info!

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