TVH’s headquarters moved several times, from the King’s Head Hotel in Twickenham to the Boileau Arms’ in Barnes to Milford Arms in Isleworth for cross country season and latterly to Tulip Tree in Richmond. TVH continued to organise ‘handicap’ meetings at Richmond and hosted its first open meetings at Isleworth.


  • 1908: White City Stadium was built for 1908 London Olympics and TVH organised a 22 mile race in post- Olympics running boom.


  • 1912: TVH participated in its first inter-club track meeting at Stamford Bridge, and moved headquarters again to the Coach and Horses in Isleworth.

5 thoughts on “1900-1913”

  1. Hi I am researching a relative who was a member before WW1. Walter Soley I have a photograph of him with a lot of cups and prizes. Do you have any information from that time. He was killed in Ypres in 1918 so I was unable to enquire with my parents.

    Many Thanks Dave Soley

  2. Dave – John Offley wrote a short history of Thames Valley Harriers a few years ago that featured in our club magasize (so I’m sure people still within the club will know of him – Paul will be a good first point of contact), there is one paragraph that featured Walter Soley in the 1907-1916 section:
    “Nevertheless, the cross-country teams
    reamined undistinguished; but, in the years
    prior to the War, Walter Soley dominated
    their ranks, his best performance being
    second in ‘the North of the Thames. He
    was to be killed in action in 1918.”

  3. do you have any records at this time for Conrad Stark? I believe he was a middle distance runner and at one time beat the former Olympic champion, perhaps at White City?

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