British Athletics League

TVH's BAL Division 2 Champions 2015TVH’s BAL Division 2 Champions 2015

The British Athletics League (BAL) provides the highest level of team competition for TVH’s top male athletes. The competing teams are the 38 best in the England, Scotland and Wales. The competition is split into five divisions with promotion/relegation for the top/bottom two teams. The BAL generally follows UK Athletic rules on Higher Competition and Foreign Athletes who have to be registered well in advance of the competitive season.

If you are interested in competing for TVH as a higher claim or foreign athlete please contact our 2017 Team Captain Caspar Donnison ( or a member of the management team to discuss the possibility. Likewise contact our management team if you are an athlete seeking to become a first claim member.

TVH BAL 2017 Team
Team Captain: Caspar Donnison
Vice Captains: TBC
Management Team: Casper Donnison, Peter Browne (throws), Phil Wetton (middle distance), John Husbands (administration) and Tony Taylor
Physio: Jade Smith-Brown
Officials: Graham Bentley, Geoff Hawes, Dave Huffer, Marion Huffer and Barrie Saunders

2017 BAL Premier Division Teams
Birchfield Harriers
City of Liverpool
City of Sheffield & Dearn AC
Newham & Essex Beagles
Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers
Southampton AC
Thames Valley Harriers
Woodford Green & Essex Ladies

2017 BAL Division 1 Division Dates and Venues
Saturday May 6th Sheffield
Saturday June 3rd June Lee Valley
Saturday July 15th Bedford (BIG day out)
Sunday August 20th Newham

Thames Valley Harriers BAL History
TVH were one of the founder members of BAL in 1969 and has been a member of the league ever since. TVH are one of the most successful teams in the history of the BAL. TVH won the BAL in only its second season in 1970 and retained the title again in 1971. TVH’s next league victory came in 1994 when TVH also won the cup to make it a first league and cup double for the men’s team. As winners of BAL in 1994, TVH went on to be GB’s representative at the European Champion Clubs Cup that were held in Portugal in 1995, finishing 5th against the best teams in Europe.

TVH BAL Record
1969    Division 1       3rd
1970    Division 1       1st       League Champions
1971    Division 1       1st       League Champions
1972    Division 1       2nd      Runners Up
1973    Division 1       2nd      Runners Up
1974    Division 1       3rd
1975    Division 1       2nd      Runners Up
1976    Division 1       3rd
1977    Division 1       4th
1978    Division 1       4th
1979    Division 1       3rd
1980    Division 1       5th
1981    Division 2       5th
1982    Division 3       2nd
1983    Division 2       3rd
1984    Division 2       1st       Division Champions    
1985    Division 1       7th
1986    Division 2       3rd
1987    Division 2       1st         Division Champions    
1988    Division 1       7th
1989    Division 1       1st         Division Champions    
1990    Division 1       5th
1991    Division 1       3rd
1992    Division 1       5th
1993    Division 1       4th
1994    Division 1       1st          League Champions
1995    Division 1       2nd      Runners Up
1996    Division 1       3rd
1997    Division 1       2nd
1998    Division 1       5th
1999    Division 1       5th
2000    Division 1       8th
2001    Division 2       3rd
2002    Division 2       3rd
2003    Division 2       2nd
2004    Division 1       7th
2005    Division 2       2nd
2006    Premier            8th     (Premier Division introduced)
2007    Division 1       4th
2008    Division 1       8th
2009    Division 2       4th
2010    Division 2       6th
2011    Division 2       2nd
2012    Division 1       5th
2013    Division 1       5th
2014    Division 1       7th
2015    Division 2      1st     Division Champions
2016    Division 1      1st     Division Champions

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