U17 Boys


60m 7.04 (i) Laurence Owen 24/02/2008 Birmingham
100m 10.70 Steve Green 15/07/1972 Crystal Palace
200m 21.5 (m) Steve Green 06/08/1972 Rome, ITA
200m 21.75 James Olasunkanmi 25/05/2013 Lee Valley
400m 49.31 Edmond Amaning 04/07/2009 Bromley
800m 1:57.3* John Barrow 30/07/1969  Wormwood Scrubs
1500m 4:11.0 John Barrow 20/08/1969 Crystal Palace
1500m (i) 4:03.6.0 (i)
John Barrow 22/11/1969 Cosford
3000m 9:11.08 Louis Hodge 19/05/2019 Eton
60m Hurdles (i) 8.76 (i) Harvey Kitchen 17/03/2018 Lee Valley
100m Hurdles 13.98 Greg Zopps 12/07/2019 Birmingham
400m Hurdles 56.81 Neon Richards 30/06/2019 Chelmsford
1500m SC 4:57.2 Neil Montez 19/05/1996 Portsmouth
2000m SC 5:54.0 John Davies 06/07/1969 Twickenham
3000m SC 9:21.6 John Davies 23/08/1969 Crystal Palace
High Jump 2.10m Dalton Grant 18/09/1982 Hendon
Long Jump 6.36m Tom Davies 21/07/1996 Bournemouth
Long Jump (i) 6.42m (i) Jude Bright-Davies 11/01/2015 Lee Valley
Triple Jump 14.62m Jude Bright-Davies 29/08/2015 Bedford
Triple Jump (i) 14.15m (i) Jude Bright-Davies 28/02/2015 Lee Valley
Shot (5kg) 14.03m Onur Aidsinoglu 16/06/2014 Birmingham
Discus(1.5kg) 43.99m Onur Aidsinoglu 16/06/2014 Birmingham
Hammer (5kg) 68.62m Peter Vivian 16/05/1987 Hendon
Javelin (700g) 48.00m David Jerzykowski 15/07/2012 Watford
Pole Vault 2.90m Taylor Sharkey 25/06/2017 Perivale
Pole Vault (i) 2.96m (i) Greg Zopps 10/03/2019 Sheffield
4x100m 44.8


Terry Scott
Daniel Mahendrarajah
Adrian Assinor
Laurence Owen
18/05/2008 St Albans
4x400m 3:49.2 Victor Soares
Hugo Cayssials
Reece Christie
Edmond Amaning
16/05/2010 Bracknell
Octathlon 4508 Points Gregg Zopps
100m Hurdles 14.04
400m 55.75
1500m 4:51.44
High Jump 1.65m
Long Jump 6.29m
Shot 10.75m
Discus 25.27m
Javelin 42.33m
23/06/2019 Basingstoke
Heptathlon 4227 Points Gregg Zopps
60m Hurdles 8.76

60m 7.43
1000m 2:57.44
High Jump 1.62m
Pole Vault 2.96m
Long Jump 6.19m
Shot 11.00m
10/03/2019 Sheffield

(i) = indoors
(m) = manual
* from a 1:58.0 time for 880 yards

3 thoughts on “U17 Boys”

  1. Hi, When I was an U17 TVH member I ran 1-58.0 for 880 yds (= 1.57.3 for 800m) and 2nd place at the TVH open graded meeting at W. Scrubs on 30 July 1969. My dob was 29-11-52. I also ran 5.0 for 440yd hurdles in 59.0 at Stoke Coburn Stadium on 20 Sept 1969 (and 59.2 five minutes earlier as well) and 1500m in 4-11.0 at Crystal palaceon 20 Aug 1969 and 4-03.6 indoors at Cosford on 22/11/69.
    In those days my 1-57.3 was the club ‘youth’ (U17) record and 2 yrs later I set a club Juniour (U19) record of 1-54.2 when coming 3rd in the SCAAA Junior champs at Crystal palace on 20 June 1971 at Crystal Palace. I was awarded Meritorious performance medals for both of these records. These were all in old issues of The Interval which used to keep up to date record data thanks to John Offley’s careful record keeping. These are all faster than the times you list as Club records so the records are incomplete. I hope these snippets of information won’t appear too self-serving and will stimulate other old or former Club members to update further.
    With best wishes

    1. Thanks John and sorry for the slow reply. I have updated the records above. Please let me know If you/anyone else have any more performances for our club records. I am especially interested if anyone wants to claim a Senior Men half marathon record.

  2. Manuel, Thanks very much (one detail the 400 hurdles time of 59.0 was 440yds so should be 58.7s I guess — Stoke was a grass track which was why I ran it — never tried it again even though Alan Lindop told me it was an age record at the time. I will try to find some old performance lists for you. John

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