U13 Girls


60m 8.41 (i) Brittany Robinson 08/01/2011 Lee Valley
75m 9.9 Kaya Lohan 21/06/2015 Portsmouth
100m 12.9 Cherelle Norriston 14/07/2001 Tooting Bec
150m 19.6 Hannah Hall 13/07/2013 Mile End
200m 26.9 Cherelle Norriston 14/07/2001 Tooting Bec
800m 2:21.8 Charlotte Buckley 22/06/2014 Walthamstow
1200m 3:48.5 Charlotte Buckley 31/05/2014 Watford
1500m 4:56.10 Charlotte Buckley 02/07/2014 Watford
70m Hurdles 11.84 Tessa Glazebrook 04/07/2017 Birmingham
High Jump 1.51m Mercedes_Mcpherson 21/08/2004 Perivale
Long Jump 4.94m Cherelle Norriston 14/07/2001 Tooting Bec
Shot (3.25kg) 9.15m Shakira Akinwale 07/09/2002 Exeter
Shot (2.72kg) 9.17m Shantel Rock 28/07/2002 Kingston
Discus (1kg) 20.69m Shakira Akinwale 07/09/2002 Exeter
Discus (.75kg) 20.99m Shakira Akinwale 28/07/2002 Kingston
Javelin (600g) 21.00m Shakira Akinwale 07/09/2002 Exeter
Javelin (400g) 20.29m Shantel Rock 28/07/2002 Kingston
4×100 52.2 Mia Turner-Moise
Mia Johnson
Lacey Johnson
Kalya Lohan
30/05/2015 Guildford

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