Mo Aadan Fastest runner at South of England cross country relays

South of England Cross Country Relays, Wormwood Scrubs – Saturday 20th October 2018

TVH helped host the South of England Cross Country Relays, held in ideal conditions, the sun shone and the course was very dry.   Mo Aadan and Tracy Barlow, fresh from their PBs in the Commonwealth Half Marathon, both ran the last leg for the TVH  ‘A’  teams in the senior races.     

In an incredibly tight finish Mo almost ran down the leaders finishing 3rd with just 2 seconds separating the first 3 teams. Mo’s time of 13:26 was easily the fastest of the day.  Our  Women’s  ‘A’ team finished just outside the medals in 4th place with Tracy taking over on the last leg in 8th place after good runs from Stephanie Ainley and Lisa da Silva. The ‘B’ team were also well placed after a great run on the 1st leg from Katie Olding after a couple of weeks back training.     

Our Under 17 Women’s team were our highest placed Young Athletes team in 5th place. 

Full report and results at  South of England Cross Country Relays


South of England Cross Country Relays – Wormwood Scrubs Sat 20th October 2018

South of England Cross Country Relays, Wormwood Scrubs – Saturday 20th October 2018

TVH helped host the South of England Cross Country Relays, held in ideal conditions, the sun shone and the course was very dry. Mo Aadan and Tracy Barlow, fresh from their PBs in the Commonwealth Half Marathon, both ran the last leg for the TVH ‘A’ teams in the senior races.

Men –  after three good legs from Chris Thomas, Hugo Cayssials and Sayed Yusuf, Mo started the last leg of the 4.7km course in 6th place well over a minute behind the leaders. In an incredibly tight finish Mo almost ran down the leaders finishing 3rd with just 2 seconds separating the first 3 teams. Mo’s time of 13:26 was easily the fastest of the day. The TVH ‘B’ team finished 10th of 42 teams, with newcomer Olivier Wijtenburg the equal 10th fastest runner of the day and Andrew Mitchell just quicker than fellow veteran Naol Abagibe and Daniel Garcia-Rasines.

We were unable to field a full team in the U20 men’s race, but Abdi Mohamed at least had the satisfaction of finishing well in the lead on the 1st leg and was the 2nd fastest runner on the day.

Women – our ‘A’ team finished just outside the medals in 4th place with Tracy taking over on the last leg in 8th place after good runs from Stephanie Ainley and Lisa da Silva. The ‘B’ team were also well placed after a great run on the 1st leg from Katie Olding after a couple of weeks back training.     

In the Junior Under 20 races our women’s team were in 5th place throughout the race after a good start from Amelia Casey, followed by Jasmine Grey and Rosie Vallance.

Young athletes –   it was encouraging to have so many TVH runners taking part even though half term had robbed us of nearly all our under 13 boys and several other good athletes.

With three teams in the Under 13 girls relays, this was our best event, number wise. The first lap of their 2km relay saw them doing battle against each other. First home was ‘B’ team Sasha Mueller who is getting back to her best form. She was 11th with ‘C’ team Olivia Sparks 12th also having a great run. Thea Almvqvist-Dutton was 16th even though she had over 30 girls behind her. Sofia Cappelli then made up four places to almost catch ‘B’ team Anna Kelly, who moved up to 10th place. Katerina Simakova lost a bit of ground but still brought the ‘C’ team home in17th place. On the final lap Myla Sutaria finally brought the ‘A’ team home in 10th place overall and Skyla Robertson finished 12th. Charlotte Brown, one of our youngest team members ran bravely to bring our ‘C’ team home in 20th place out of the 34 teams who finished.

The best TVH result came in the Under 17 Women’s relay. On the first lap of their 2.5km relay Sarah Kebbell had a great run to come home 4th. This has been her first outing since being injured in July and her first cross country run for the club. Her time was the 11th fastest of the day. Niamh Murphy has found good form this winter and she had another good run to bring her home in 7th position. Charlotte Buckley had to work hard on the last lap and passed two athletes to bring the team home in 5th place.

The Under 15 boys team were also up against superior teams and Baqar Abamecha had a good finish to get the team up to 19th place. Then Basil Rock improved to 14th place before Charlie Rollo lost a couple and finished 16th. As there were 26 teams finishing I don’t think we did too badly.

Likewise the Under 15 girls were unfortunate that Lily Dafter caught stitch and had a poor run for her in 36th place. Then Aramay Robertson had a good run to pick up 10 places on the second lap. Zenia Nelson also showed good form to bring the team home 24th out of the 31 teams.

With only Morris Rock available in the Under 13 relay, he ran it as an individual race and finished 24th.

Results:   Men

TVH (A)  3rd    Chris Thomas 14:54, Hugo Cayssials 14:40,  Sayed Yusuf 14:49, Mohamud Aadan 13:26

TVH (B)  10th   Naol Abagibe 15:35, Andrew Mitchell 15:24, Olivier Wijtenburg 14:17,  Daniel Garcia-Rasines 15:30

TVH (C)  23rd Jack McKeon 16:59,  Manuel Da Silva  17:20, Jibrel Ahmed  17:09, Robert Vallance 16:05

TVH (D)  38th  Paul Woodgate 18:20, Richard Hooley 19:49, Scott Brewer 19:27, Phil Wetton 19:25

U20 Men –   Abdi Mohamed  10:09


TVH (A)  4th  Stephanie Ainley 12:15, Lisa Da Silva 12:25, Tracy Barlow 11:27

TVH (B)  15th Katie Olding 12:09, Victoria Carter 12:54, Lara Scerri 14:28

TVH (C)  36th Fran Lou 14:20, Siana Jones 14:48, Christine Munden 20:13

U20 Women –  5th TVH ‘A’  Amelia Casey 08:43, Jasmine Grey 09:05, Rosie Vallance          09:33         ‘B’  Maryna Voloshyna 10:48

Young Athletes

Under 13 Girls 2km Relay.

‘A’          T Almqvist-Dutton 8:09;  S Coppelli 8:13;  M Sutaria 8:19. Team 10th

‘B’           S Mueller 8:02;  A Kelly 8:19;  K Simakova 8:31. Team 12th

‘C’           O Sparks 8:04;  S Robertson 8:38;  C Brown 8:55. Team 20th.

Under 17 Women  . ‘A’  S Kebbell 8:22;  N Murphy 8:38;  C Buckley 8:31. Team 5th.           ‘B’ A Alonso-Bizzi 9:24; C Rousset 9:26.

Under 15 Boys  B Abamecha 7:06; B Rock 7:20; C Rollo 7:38. Team 16th.                   R Sherif 8:06; J Nixon 8:46.

Under 15 Girls  L Dafter 8:40; A Robertson 8:34; Z Nelson 8:33. 

Under 13 Boys – M Rock 7:32       

Metropolitan Cross Country League 13th Oct 2018 fixture 1 – another fine win for Skye Bishop

Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League Race 1, Claybury Park, Saturday 13th October 2018

Young Athletes

Getting TVH at the front in the Under 11 races was a great start to the new season.                                                                                                          Reggie Rock was always in the leading group and when it broke up he finished 3rd of 42 finishers. Unfortunately our other starter, Louis Moore, twisted his ankle and was unable to finish.

In the under 11 Girls race we had our only winner of the day.  Skye Bishop has made a great start to the road and cross country season and took the lead early on at Claybury, and finished strongly for a comfortable win ahead of the other 33 girls in the race.

In the under 13 Boys race it was once again the Rock family who represented the Valley. Morris is running very well at the moment and his 10th place out of the 47 finishers was a very good result.    Our numbers doubled in the under 13 Girls race. Sasha Mueller is getting back to race fitness and is hoping to run in all the Met fixtures this season. Her 18th place was a good start to the season. Behind her, Amelia Seaton was also well placed with her 26th place out of 50 finishers.

With two new members in the U15/U17 Boys race, it was the more experienced Charlie Rollo who was our first boy home. He was 42nd out of 94 finishers. Will Palmer was using the race to help him get fit and although starting steadily, he found the second lap hard suffering with cramp. Also doing well, Joseph Nixon started sensibly and move up on the second lap to almost catch Will as they finished in 70th and 73rd positions.

In the U15/U17 Girls race, Jasmine Palmer in her first cross country for the club was a magnificent sixth, showing great promise for the future. She was the third under 15 in the race and only one second behind fifth place who was also under 15. Niamh Murphy was also having a good race and her 12th place out of 53 finishers which was a good performance. Another fine run came from Olivia Colegrave who finished 18th and got the better of Melina Duer. Zenia Gordon was our 5th finisher in 34th place but Capucine Rousset was not well and in the very hot conditions she had breathing problems and was unable to finish.


Many of the 200+ field in the women’s 6km race also struggled with the very warm and humid conditions, unfortunately including Rosie Vallance.  Many thanks to team manager Siana Jones for dropping out of the race to look after Rosie until medical assistance arrived and thankfully Rosie was given the all clear later that day.

Although apologising for not being fit,  Steph Ainley finished in a very respectable 11th place, followed by Lisa da Silva in 21st and Kate Olding in 34th place to help the women’s team to 7th place in Division 1.

The men’s race started 45 mins late, by which time it had started to cool down a little and Hugo Cayssials had a strong run to finish in  18th place of the nearly 500 finishers and Chris Thomas had who had been ill in the days before the race did very well to hold on to 30th place. U20 athlete Abdi Mohamed took a different approach, starting cautiously and finishing very strongly in 38th place. With veteran Andrew Mitchell, Ollie Newton and Daniel Garcia-Rasines also well inside the top 100, the team finished in 6th place in Division 1.   


U11 Boys 1.5km –     3   Reggie Rock  5:39      42 Finishers

U11 Girls 1.5km –     1   Skye Bishop   5:47      34 Finishers

U13 Boys  3km –    10   Morris Rock   11:47     47 Finishers

U13 Girls  3km –    18   Sasha Mueller  13:14,                                                                                                 26   Amelia Seaton  13:44    49 Finishers

U15/U17 Boys 4km  –   42  Charlie Rollo      16:19                                                                                                70  William Palmer   17:49                                                                                               73  Joseph Nixon      17:58       94 Finishers

U15/U17 Girls 4km  –    6       Jasmine Palmer    17:01                                                             12       Niamh Murphy    17:35                                                                                         18       Olivia Colegrave 17:54                                                                                       21       Melina Duer        18:03                                                                                        34       Zenia Gordon      19:39     Team 4th   53 finishers

Women’s Results

Race Position Time
11    Stephanie Ainley 24:06:00
21    Lisa Da Silva 24:49:00
34    Katie Olding 25:40:00
99    Lara Scerri 29:31:00
111  Fran Lou 29:55:00
161  Kirstie Tew 32:46:00
201  Maryna Voloshyna  36:25:00
229  Christine Munden 44:02:00

Senior Women Division 1 :  7. TVH, 141 points.

Veteran Women Division 2 :  6. TVH, 77 points.

Men’s Results

Race Position Time
18    Hugo Cayssials 27:03:00
30    Chris Thomas 27:48:00
38    Abdiqadir Mohamed 28:12:00
75    Andrew Mitchell 29:28:00
76    Oliver Newton 29:29:00
82    Daniel Garcia-Rasines 29:35:00
105  Todd Oates 30:30:00
109  Calum Nicol 30:34:00
114  Fergus Johnson 30:42:00
188  Jack McKeon  32:26:00
223  Ian Napier 33:37:00
240  Greg Bennett 34:04:00
288  Manuel Da Silva 35:29:00
292  Christian Nielsen 35:34:00
293  Jibrel Ahmed 35:37:00
308  James Malcolm 36:04:00
356  Matt Ponting 37:27:00
377  Richard Bell 38:05:00
406  Simon Nixon 39:40:00
417  David Ford 40:18:00
444  Lawrence Tse 42:11:00

Mo Aadan and Tracy Barlow Top UK finishers at Commonwealth Half Marathon

Commonwealth Half Marathon – Cardiff Sunday 7th October 2018

The inaugural Commonwealth Half Marathon took place in Cardiff with 3 TVH athletes competing for their national teams; all 3 had fantastic runs in Personal Best times.

Congratulations to Mo Aadan and Tracy Barlow competing for England;  Mo 5th man in 62:30 and Tracy 5th woman in 72:15 and AnnMarie McGlynn running for Northern Ireland, 9th woman in 73:47.  

Mo and Tracy both finished first athlete from the Home Nations leading the England teams to bronze medals in the team events.  Tracy and Mo continue their great improvements this year over the half marathon distance; Tracy is now ranked 4th woman in the UK for 2018 and Mo is ranked 6th in the men’s rankings, led by training partner Mo Farah.

Like Mo, AnnMarie is fairly new to the event, making a big improvement when running 74:28  earlier this year and has further improved on that time.

National Road Relays, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, Saturday 6th Oct 2018

Young Athletes –  Charlotte Buckley’s last Young Athletes National!

This is Charlotte’s final season in the Under 17 age group and what a fantastic achievement Charlotte has attained at the National Road Relays; starting as an Under 13 she ran in 2013 with 14:42 leading the TVH team to fourth place, our best ever position by any team. In 2014 she was the fastest under 13 in the race with 14:08 and received the fastest time medal. Next as an under 15 she ran 14:24 and followed that in 2016 with 14:08. Then on Saturday she ran the first lap for the Valley and came home in 8th place with 14:18. This enabled Niamh Murphy to cling on to some very good Women as she brought the team home in 13th place with 15:21. Melina Duer also had a good run to only lose three places in 16:08 as they finished 16th out of 40 teams. Our best result of the day.

The day started with the under 13 boys relay on the 3.9km circuit. Leading off, Morris Rock gave us a good start, finishing 28th in 14:37 with 80 teams starting. He handed over to Rory McConnon who is only just coming back after a summer with glandular fever. He dropped back to 45th with 16:03 but then Cameron gained 12 places as he went through the field to finish 33rd with his time of 15:00. These two  will still be under 13s next year.

Leading the under 13 girls off, Charlotte Edge had a good run to finish in 27th out of the 63 teams with 15:45. Thea Almqvist-Dutton who is new to the club this summer, held 27th place with her 16:35. As an 800m runner, Sofia Cappelli had been delegated to take part in the road relays and she didn’t disappoint as she moved up to 26th with 16:49. This was the second best result by TVH.

It was difficult to get a team for the under 15 boys event. With Basil Rock finishing 58th out of 85 teams starting he was hindered by a loose shoe but still managed 14:14 for his lap. Baqar Abamecha, another 800m specialist, did very well to gain two places with his 14:59. Last minute substitute Joseph Nixon, who has only been a member for a week stepped in to save the team and with his 16:23 slipped back to 64th, but at least we had a team.

Our under 15 girls team has another promising new member in Jasmine Palmer. She ran the second leg and starting in 63rd place, moved up 17 places with 15:50 to finish in 46th place.  Olivia Colegrave ran 16:23 on the 1st leg and  Zenia Gordon, also brought in as a reserve, then had a great run to only lose three places with her 16:57.

Thanks to all the parents who drove the young athletes to Birmingham, especially Pete McConnon and Rebecca Rock for each bringing 4 of the U13/U15 athletes!

Results – Young Athletes  3 x 3.9km:

U13B. 28 M Rock 14:37; 45 R McConnon 16:03; 33 C McConnon 15:00.                                                                                                                               U13G. 27 C Edge 15:45; 27 T Almqvist-Dutton 16:35; 26 S Cappelli 16:49.                                                                                                                              U15B. 58 B Rock 14:14; 56 B Abamecha 14:49; 64 J Nixon 16:23.         U15G. 63 O Colegrave 16:23; 46 J Palmer 15:50; 49 Z Gordon 16:57.                                                                                                                              U17W. 8 C Buckley 14:18; 13 N Murphy 15:21; 16 M Duer 16:08.

Senior Men

Our men’s team competed in the final race of the day with 6 stages of 5.9km. It wasn’t as strong a team as at the Southern Road Relays with Mo at Cardiff and others unavailable and Antonio, Myles, Daniel, Michael, Hugo and Ollie did well to finish 43rd of 76 teams.  Our fastest runners were on the first 2 legs, Antonio Silva a good 21st on the very competitive 1st leg and it was great to see Myles Edwards back running well on leg 2 after long-term injuries and last competing on the track for TVH in 2015.

Result – Senior Men  6 Stage  TVH  43rd

 Antonio Silva(21)17:48, Myles Edwards(24) 18:38, Daniel Garcia-Rasines (40) 20:02,   Michael Cameron(40)19:09, Hugo Cayssials(40)19:19, Oliver Newton(43 ) 20:30




Good Start to Cross Country Season for Young Athletes

NW London Young Athletes Cross Country  Greenford Sat 29th Sept 2018

A large number of young athletes turned out on a sunny day for the first cross country competition of the season. TVH were well represented in all races except the Under 17 Men’s race. With two team wins and four individual second places we can say it is a pleasant start to the season.

With Skye Bishop leading for most of the way in the Under 11 race but she was finally pipped by a girl from Cookham who had a stronger finish. Farrah Ceric seemed to be the smallest girl in the race and did well to finish 11th out of 39 finishers. Rihanna Sherif was having her first race for the club and was pleased with her 19th place. The team finished second to Highgate out of the 15 teams competing.

The Under 11 Boys event also had a Valley athlete in second place; Reggie Rock finishing just 7 seconds behind the London Heathside winner. With strong back-up from Wilf Howard-Vyse (6th) and Louis Moore (7th) they easily won the team race by 25 points. Ollie Seraj ran well for 12th place and Tommy Cogan was having his first outing and did well to finish 22nd with five boys behind him. The Under 13 Girls, running alongside these boys also had another second place in Charlotte Edge. She was beaten by A Abdinahman of Hillingdon who last year won every Under 11 race in this league by about 100m. Charlotte’s 10 seconds defeat shows how well she ran. With Maya Sutaria having her first cross country run for TVH in seventh place and Sasha getting back on form in 13th place the team were in second place, only four points behind Cookham. After a slight injury kept Katerina Simanova out of the Crystal Palace relay, she did well to finish in 15th place, one ahead of Skyla Robertson who also did well to beat 40 others in this race.

With all the talent we have in the Under 13 Boys event it was hard to believe that we only had the last two finishers in their race. Henry Turner had played rugby before being persuaded to turn out for TVH. Working together with Dylan they moved up to 30th and 31st and had 15 boys behind them at the finish.  Although we only had three under 15 Girls running. They finished third team in what was the least supported race of the day. Lily Dafter is getting back on track with her 10th place and Aramay Robertson did well to be just behind her at the finish. In 21st place Zenia Nelson looked as if she had more in the tank which she has to learn to empty.

A very strong field in the Under 15 Boys race found Basil Rock having a good race but being down in 11th place. He didn’t run badly and was under 45 seconds behind the winner. After a change of plans Aidan Ferrand was able to take part and improved throughout the race to finish 26th. Romadan Sherif was having his first cc for the Valley and should improve next time.

Our Under 17 Women were out in force. Usually their race consists of eight or nine starters. This time there were 18 finishers. Having a great run, Niamh Murphy was a brilliant second, leading the team to win the race by seven points. Melina Duer was a good fourth with Lily Cheshire (6th) running well to just beat Capucine Rousset (7th).


Under 11 Girls 1200m. Team 2nd.

2 S. Bishop 5:42; 11 F Ceric 6:20; 19 R Sherif 6:48.

Under 11 Boys.2000m. Team 1st.

2 R Rock 7:03; 6 H Howard-Vyse 7:25; 7 L Moore 7:28; 12 O Seraj 7:45; 22 T Cogan 8:25.

Under 13 Girls. 2000m. Team 2nd.

2 C Edge 7:04; 7 M Sutaria 7:16; 13 S Mueller 7:31; 15 K Simanova 7:36; 16 S Robertson 7:37.

Under 13 Boys. 3000m. Team 12th.

30 H Turner 12:26; 31 D Bilboul 12:27.

Under 15 Girls. 3000m. Team 3rd.

10 L Dafter 11:52; 11 A Robertson 12:01; 21 Z Gordon 12:24.

Under 15 Boys. 4000m. Team 8th.

11 B Rock 13:22; 26 A Ferrand 14:18; 40 R Sherif 15:41.

Under 17 Women. 4000m. Team 1st.

2 N Murphy 14:44; 4 M Duer 15:11; 6 l Cheshire 15:31; 7 C Rousset 15:37.